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5 Unconventional Job Options In India

unconventional job options

Engineering, medical, law and MBA are one of the most usual careers that are taken up by people after 12th. The reasons for the same are very simple. Either they are chosen for the aspirants by their parents or most of the aspirants want to play it safe and are not well-informed about other career options that are equally safe to pursue, so they end up choosing the very few traditional options available.

With so many changes in academics and jobs over the years, there has been a rise in people trying out and succeeding at unconventional job options in India.

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So, for those looking for new ways to make a good career for themselves, here are 5 unconventional job options in India:

  • Event Management

unconventional job options

We as a generation love to find out new reasons to go out and celebrate in order to get away from the stress of daily life. We also tend to go all out on planning parties for friends and family and making amazing memories with them. However, our limited free time does not allow us to do everything that one needs to plan any event and that’s where the event managers come in. These event planners take up all the responsibility to plan the best events for you as per your taste and affordability. This career path is slowly and steadily becoming a very preferable career for those who are interested.

  • Personal Trainer

unconventional job options

With the way people are getting so much health conscious lately and have started giving thoughts to working out and maintaining a diet, this career option is in huge demand.

Working out daily is something that we all want to do but only a few of us actually end up doing it by ourselves. Personal trainers help maintain a daily workout routine that one needs to stay healthy. With the way people are getting so much health conscious lately and have started giving thoughts to working out and maintaining a diet, this career option is in huge demand. All one has to do it enroll themselves in a short course to learn all the basics and they are ready to go.

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  • Interior Designer

If you have an eye for decorating a chic café or you always keep thinking about how you will decorate your own house, then Interior designing is the right career for you. This does not require much as it is all about being at your creative best for satisfying the needs of your clients but a short course on the same will only give you an edge over others.

  • Dance Instructor

If you are passionate about dancing, then you have many places to showcase your talent. Either you can start your own dance academy or join one as a teacher, or you can be a part of the troupe and participate in shows, etc. even nationally and internationally. In today’s time of YouTube, Instagram and other social media, posting videos of dance routines give great exposure to the dancers and choreographers.

  • Writing

If you love to write, it might be a good idea for you to do it professionally. From newspapers, magazines to so many online forums, there is no shortage of demands for a writer who can write original content that would be well-liked by the readers. So, if you love to play with words then you might as well try to shape a career around it.

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