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10 Places in Delhi For Your Inner History Nerd

If you are a history nerd, then Delhi is one of the best places for you to explore. There are numerous historic spots in Delhi. The city is probably the richest when it comes to historical importance in the Indian Polity. It was the centre of political power and dominance for as long as the Medieval era of history prevailed. So many kingdoms were established and ruined in that time but the cultural heritage that they left behind has become a beautiful sight to behold for anyone who enjoys history and has interest in it.

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So, without further ado, let us dive into the Top 10 Historic spots in Delhi for your inner History nerd:

  • Ladho Sarai

The 12th-century Rai Pithora is popularly known as Ladho Sarai today. The once fortified city was built by Prithviraj Chauhan after defeating the Tomar Rajputs in 1052 AD.Though most of it has turned into residential area but a noticeable amount of history that the place once held is still there.

It is located in Southwest Delhi, Near Qutub Minar Complex and the nearest metro station is Saket Metro Station.

  • Tughlaqabad

In 1320, Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq won the Sultanate of Delhi from Nasiruddin Mohammed and founded the city of Tughlaqabad. He got the Tughlaqabad Fort constructed in the city, remains of which can still be seen in this area. As the third city among the former seven cities of the Delhi Sultanate, Tughlaqabad too ranks high in the list of the important historical places in Delhi.

historic spots in delhi

It is located in South Delhi and the nearest metro station is Green Park Metro Station.

  • Mehrauli

After defeating Prithviraj Chauhan in 1191, Mohammad Ghori left his slave Qutubuddin Aibak as his viceroy who then went on to capture Delhi 1193. When Ghori died in 1206, Aibakwas the first to establish the Mughal rule over Delhi, which gave the rise to the Slave Dynasty. Qutubuddin Aibak built many Islamic structures that later became the second city of Delhi after Lal Kot, named Mehrauli.

historic spots in delhi

The city of Mehrauli includes a number of historical places, the most famous being the Mehrauli Archaeological Park and the Qutab Archaeological Area.

  • Ghalib Ki Haveli

Ghalib Ki Haveli is the residence of the 19th century Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib and is now a heritage site under Archaeological Survey of India located in the Ballimaran, Old Delhi. The Haveli was presented to Ghabib by a Hakim and is famous for having handwritten couplets by him among other things used during the lifetime of the poet.

The nearest metro station to reach the place is Chandni Chowk Metro Station.

  • Sundar Nursery

If you have visited Lodhi Gardens and loved it, then Sundar Nursery will be a good visit for you. This heritage park is flanked by Humayun’s Tomb on the South and Purana Qila on the North. The garden is extremely massive and has 15 Mughal monuments, 280 tree species, 80 bird species, 36 butterfly species.

historic spots in delhi

The nearest metro station to the Nursery is Lajpat Nagar Metro Station.

  • Tomb of Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khanan

Abdul Rahim Khan-i-Khanan, popularly known as Rahim, was a poet during the Mughal era under Akbar. He was one of the nine Dewans of Akbar’s Court. His tomb is situated in Nizamuddin East on the Mathura road, near Humayun’s Tomb, in New Delhi. It was built by him for his wife in 1598 and he was buried there after his death in 1627.

historic spots in delhi

The nearest metro station is Jorbagh.

  • Adilabad Fort

The Adilabad fort, one of the lesser known hisrotic spots in Delhi was built by Mohammad-Bin-Tughlaq on the hills to the south of Tughlaqabad and is referred to the historians as the fourth fort of Delhi following the Red Fort, Old Fort and Tughlaqabad Fort. The fort is under the protection of Archaeological Survey of India.

historic spots in delhi

The nearest metro station is Tughlakabad Metro Station on Violet Line.

  • Nai-Ka-Kot

Nai-Ka-Kot, like Adilabad fort is also a lesser known Historic spots in Delhi. The fort was built by Mohammad-Bin-Tughlaq and the literal meaning of the name of the fort is the Barber’s court. This Fort lies 2 KM beyond the Tughlaqabad Fort.

historic spots in delhi

  • Rajon Ki Baoli

Rajon KI Baoli is a beautiful stepwell dating back to 1506 AD. It is three storied that are completely below ground level, it is a serene sight to see while visiting the Mehrauli Archeological Park.

historic spots in delhi

It was commissioned by Daulat Khan in 1506 CE, an administrator of the Lodi dynasty. The nearest metro station to reach there is Qutub Minar on Yellow Line.

  • Begumpur Mosque

The Begumpur Mosque is said to be patterned on an Iranian design planned by the Iranian architect Zahir al-Din al-Jayush. While who exactly is responsible for the construction of this mose is not clear, there are two views of the historians on the same. One view is that it was built by Khan-i-Jahan Maqbul Tilangani, Prime Miister during Feroz Shah Tughlaq’s rule. The other view is that it was built by Tughlaq because of its proximity to Bijay Mandal and could probably be dated to 1351 A.D., the year Tughlaq died here.

historic spots in delhi

The nearest metro station to the mosque is Malviya Nagar.

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