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A Day in Life of a Student Attending Online Classes

Virtual learning has made the day in the life of a student attending online classes much more flexible, comfortable and economical in terms of time and effort. While your schedule might be all over the place due to the newness of virtual distance learning, but pulling up your socks and making a schedule is totally doable.

If you are wondering what a typical day of attending online classes looks like, the answer is- it isn’t any! Students can work at their own pace, and with every day comes a new challenge to adhere to. Here is a glimpse of what an average student’s day in online classes looks like!

Waking Up Just Before the Online Classes

We have been conditioned to wake up way before our class timings in the morning due to long travel hours. Online classes definitely make this easier on many sleepyheads. While nothing has changed for the early risers, waking up just before the class to log in has been a blessing for many of us who are night owls.

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Breakfast Time!

With online classes comes a flexible schedule where you don’t have to run around the campus or spend time travelling. Breakfast while attending classes is now a normal activity and more so has become crucial as keeps one focused and on task until you can take a brain break after class.

Reminding Ourselves to Concentrate

The nature of online classes requires us to have our internet working and our phones handy. While the power vested on the internet is a boon for online classes, it is sure a hindrance too as it causes our concentration levels to flicker. Constantly reminding ourselves to pay attention to the teacher’s words instead of what social media is saying is a task, yet we have been managing to do so for almost a year now!

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Plan Your Day Ahead

Online classes give you plenty of time to not only complete your college work efficiently, but also take out time for social work, internships, or any other extracurriculars. Students usually invest this extra time on hand into coaching, pursuing their favourite extra-curricular or simply by completing assignments. Doing so much more in our day than attending classes is sure to advantage of this situation!

Time to Rest

Investing your time in productive work is important, but so is your health and rest. Even when we are at our homes, the extra screen time is a literal headache for many of us. Hence, to work efficiently, taking good rest and freshening ourselves up is a must!

Get Ready for Another Day of Hustle Called Online Classes

With so much to do, our day goes by in a blink, and soon we have to prepare for the next day. While we long for the weekend and its perks, hustling hard each day with a new challenge has its own charm and excitement.

Friendly advice: at the end of the day, think about what you have accomplished and be proud of it, think about what all is left and how you can complete it, and make a rough plan for the next day.

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