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Things To Do While Taking A Gap Year

gap year

Taking a break is normal, it’s healthy even. Yet sometimes, we require some time out to figure out our future, know what we truly want, or simply to rest. Whether it is after high school to prepare for competitive exams, after college to gain work experience or a sabbatical during your career, taking a gap year is the wise step if you have the means.


Is Taking A Gap Year Bad Thing?

Absolutely NO! Rushing into a job that is not satisfying your needs and wants or doing post-graduation after college when you are not sure is not worth it even when all these are the next logical steps. But before you take a gap year, you might have this question- “what can I do in my gap year?”. To answer this question here is a list of things that you can pursue during your gap and choose what fits your requirements best!


  1. Work

Whether it is an internship or a part-time job, working during your gap year will have many benefits. Firstly, it will adorn your CV as you will have actual work experience in the practical world. Secondly, it will help you earn some extra cash before actually starting something. Moreover, getting a part-time job in your desired field of interest will actually help in determining whether or not you actually like doing that work.

work experience
Credits: The Balance Careers
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  1. Travel

While many think travelling comes at a huge cost, it can be more affordable than you think. Instead of luxury, choose the ordinary and what the locals of that place do, and you will have an inexpensive experience. Travelling can be very transformational for your mental health as it opens you up to new experiences and helps you gain a fresh perspective. You may meet new people, learn about new cultures and even learn a new language! Go see the world and earn experiences of a lifetime!

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  1. Learn How To Adult

Most of us Indians have lived with our families all throughout our lives, and have been served everything on a silver platter. Dip your toes into the harsh reality and learn some basic skills that will help you in the long-term future. Open a bank account, learn how to pay taxes, do some basic household chores like laundry, practice driving and learn how to cook some basic dishes, and you will thank your future self. This will not only enhance your basic skills but also make you independent and ready to step out in the world.



  1. Get Some Extra Credits

Doing an additional course, internship or even learning a new language can really help you get an extra edge over others. Moreover, now that you have extra time on hand, experiment with multiple courses to explore what you truly enjoy doing the most. If you have the resources, taking summer internships or courses abroad will boost your CV even more.


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  1. Think about what you want to do with your life.

Your gap year will give you loads of time to think about what you want as your career in the future and what you actually want to do. The real-world experiences you gain during this time, through working, travelling, or volunteering, may help you to more clearly understand what you do and do not want from life. That clarity and independence that you gained can translate into a smoother experience once you start your hustle again.

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