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Department of Higher Education Mulls Reopening of Colleges

The Directorate of Higher Education recently issued an advisory in view of the reopening of colleges in and around Delhi.

A notice dated 8th February 2021 was issued on the official website of GGSIPU stating the plan of activities for the academic structure of students.

College students affiliated with 3 state universities, i.e., GGSIPU, Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD), and National Law University (NLU) along with the Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management (DIHRM) will be taken into consideration.

The COVID-19 pandemic came unannounced and its wave hit every part of the world in ways one cannot imagine. To combat this situation, all the colleges were ordered to be closed from 19th March 2020 till further orders.

Since then, many conferences took place to discuss the reopening of colleges.

The number of recent active cases of Covid-19 has been declining steadily. However, there is still a need to follow proper precautions to fully defeat this pandemic.

reopening of colleges
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As per guidelines of surveillance, containment, and caution, all activities have been permitted outside containment zones.
Keeping this in mind, the Directorate of Education advised the universities under it to reopen the colleges w.e.f. 05.02.2021 with enclosed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Reopening of Colleges to happen with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Academic activities are about to begin soon in many universities to promote overall growth, but precautions need to be taken.

Also, in view of recent Ministry of Home Affair guidelines (MHA), it has been decided that colleges may be re-opened now. HODs/Principals may ensure that the students are called only with the consent of the parents.

Credits: ipu.ac.in
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To achieve this, a standard operating procedure or SOP has been proposed. The following activities are permissible under SOP:

  • Teaching activities as per curriculum
  • Only essential academic-related stuff like practicals, assignments, projects, internal/external assessments, viva-voice, research work is permitted
  • Social/physical events and activities are strictly prohibited
  • No student is advised to share books, copies, stationery items, etc.

To ensure further safety, the guidelines strictly stated that no symptomatic staff/student be allowed on the campus.

Mandatory thermal screening and hand sanitization also need to be implemented at the entry gate of every institute. Wearing a mask and carrying your own sanitizers/tissues is also a must.

It was mentioned that only the universities/colleges outside the containment zone are allowed to be opened. Social distancing norms as per the occupancy of classrooms need to be followed.

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To read more about the advisory, students must check the official notice here.

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