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Scholarship For Master’s in Newcastle University Announced

scholarship for masters

Every college student is always looking for good opportunities to get ahead in their academics with the help of various academic activities. These may include scholarships, internships, workshops and many more academic activities that helps the students in bettering themselves for a better future. These activities are necessary for the students to keep up with the changing trends in their courses as well as for the application of all that they have learned in their classes.


Students of GGSIPU may get their hands on one such opportunity as the University has notified in a recent notice dated February 10, 2021, about a fully funded scholarship in masters from a University in United Kingdom. The interested candidates are provided with a chance to study abroad with a fully funded scholarship. The University has stated that an email has been received by them on February 9th, 2021 from Newcastle University, United Kingdom in which the UK University has offered 7 fully funded scholarships especially for women from all over South Asia. The topics for the postgraduate degree are related to Climate Change.

scholarship for masters
GGSIPU has notified about 7 fully funded scholarship for masters in Climate Change for South Asian women, sponsored by Newcastle University, UK.
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Those who will get the scholarships will get a chance to pursue their Masters Degree from the Newcastle University, UK and the topic for the degree will be as follows:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Hydrology and Water Management, Environmental Geoscience
  • Renewable Energy, Enterprise and Management (REEM)

Since Climate Change has been a hot topic in today’s time for very long, this may interest and aspire many to apply to the course. For those who are interested, all the information regarding the scholarships can be found here.

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