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GGSIPU Reopening? Here’s All You Need To Know.


Next month will mark one year of all the colleges and schools being closed by the government all over the country. However, recently, many colleges and schools have decided to open up with adequate measures against COVID in place. Most of them have reduced the required attendance percentage and have also made parent’s consent mandatory for students to attend the classes. Classes in Delhi University have already begun while Maharashtra University has announced the classes to begin from  February 15, 2021.

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As so many prime Universities of the country have already decided to open up, the same question lingers for GGSIPU as well. However, the University is silent on the matter and has not indicated about any discussions taking place on this. But seeing the way online classes have not been much beneficial till now as compared to physical classes, many students are in favour of GGSIPU reopening its colleges.

Moreover, the recent notices of physical classes for freshers being circulated in various colleges have added flame to the fire, sparking many speculations among the students if the college will soon open for all or not.

ggsipu reopening
Notice by MAIT to start offline classes for Freshers from February 15, 2021.
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Colleges such as Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, as per the directions of Education Minister, NCT of Delhi, has decided to start physical/offline classes for first year students from February 15, 2021 with all the required COVID guidelines in force. The college has also made wearing masks mandatory for the safety of the students. Such notice has also been reportedly circulated in other colleges such as JIMS etc.

GGSIPU Reopening? This still remains an unanswered question as of now. But with all being said, there is no official notice by GGSIPU regarding the matter. So, it can be presumed that offline classes for all are not going to begin in the immediate future. However, with the way public places, picture halls as well as so many colleges are opening all over, the expectations of the students of attending normal classes are on a rise.

So, while so many of us want to go to colleges again out of boredom of staying at home of because of inefficiency of classes, some of us not all are comfortable with this idea since the danger of contracting COVID is still there. To everyone who are going to be attending offline classes, they must adhere to all the safety guidelines at all times.

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