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Students dependent on scholarships are against fee hike and for all the necessary reasons. We received an email from a student regarding the plight he and students similar to him are facing right now. COVID-19 pandemic has put lives in jeopardy. Students especially in India are facing hard times. The government refuses to own up any responsibility or take the students’ problems seriously. Students who depend on scholarships are suffering due to fee hike.

Students under stress due to the fees hike
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Fee hike in IPU | COVID-19

Students of various colleges of IPU have been receiving notices of fee hike. Since the classes would be online to maintain social distancing, students and various student bodies have many questions. Since the college facilities like libraries, classrooms, electricity, etc would not be used, only tuition fees should be charged. Instead, the administrations and teachers of different colleges have been forcing the students to pay the full fees.

To read a detailed article on the fees hike in IPU read- Fees maange more GGSIPU”s colleges’ fee hike annoys students.

Scholarship dependant students’ plight | Fee hike

The students who depend on scholarships are facing an even bigger challenge. IPU issues scholarships to various students who have an economically weak background. However, due to the affairs of situations in the state capital, the Delhi government has not sanctioned the scholarships. In addition, many parents have lost their job due to Covid-19. The situation of the students whose parents are facing unemployment on top of the unavailability of scholarships has put a lot of students’ education in danger. The callousness with which some colleges’ administration is harassing and demanding fees is outrageous.

The amount of stress these students must be facing is unfathomable. The least the government could do for these students is to listen to student voices and take the necessary steps forward. Education empowers us and ensures the growth of the nation, why should then the instruments of this growth be put under undue stress?

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