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VIPS: Online Comprehensive Viva In Three Days, Students Distressed

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies

The students of Vivekananda School of Law and Legal Studies, VIPS received a notice regarding the schedule of online comprehensive viva amid the COVID-19 outbreak on July 4, 2020.

As per the notice, the comprehensive viva of II, IV, VI & VIII Semester (regular and reappear) is scheduled on 08th, 09th & 10th July, 2020. The viva will carry 100 marks. Students are required to report in formals 15 minutes before the scheduled time.


Online Comprehensive Viva Notice
Online Comprehensive Viva Notice


Reaction Of Students | Online Viva: VIPS


The notice left most students perplexed as University’s final decision regarding the evaluation of all semesters had already been taken on 9 June, 2020. It stated that the students of intermediate semesters would be promoted to the next semester on the basis of composite 50% weightage to marks in the previous semester/year only and 50% weightage of marks in internal assessment of the current semester in each subject whereas pen and paper was chosen as the means of evaluation for the final semester/ year students.

The students at VIPS didn’t expect another notice regarding evaluation and that too at such a short notice.


The aggrieved students reached out to IPU Buzz with their concerns.

“How can they expect us to prepare 20 units in mere 3 days?”, a student from VIPS messaged us.

Another student mentioned about the lack of resources (laptop and internet connection) and study material which may cause a hindrance in conduction of the online viva. He wrote to us, “I don’t have access to books and other study material. How am I supposed to prepare in this situation?”

One of the students from VIPS told us about a notification dated 7th April which explicitly stated that the students had to submit a research project as well as an audio in place of viva. The information regarding the ‘viva’ being conducted now as part of PSDA (Professional Skill Development Activities) wasn’t specified in that very notification.


The dismayed students requested the concerned authorities to postpone the viva in order to get enough time to make the necessary arrangements but all efforts by students came to no use.

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Fair Or Unfair? | Online Viva: VIPS


Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies
Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, GGSIPU

Innumerable families are going through a rough patch at this time. The coronavirus cases are increasing every day. For some, these are numbers but for others, it’s about life and death. Losing jobs and cutting on the ration have become the new normal now.

The students find themselves completely unprepared as little or no classroom teaching occurred during the entire semester. Getting three days to cover the course syllabus is completely unfair for them.

All the gloom and worries surrounding the pandemic is taking a toll on the mental health of students. The concern about mental health has unfortunately reduced to talks as no one actually pays any heed when the decisions are made.

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Conclusion | Online Viva: VIPS


There is no iota of doubt in saying that conducting an online viva exam might be the only feasible option for the college authorities however, they shall consider the fact that preparing for such vast syllabus at a short notice with all the worries and technical hindrances that may arise isn’t feasible for the students at VIPS.


All strength to those who are reading this and going through a tough time. Have faith as this shall pass soon.


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