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5 Things College Students Are Worried About Currently

BBA CET 2021

The nation wide lockdown implemented since March has affected every section of the country. Students are one of the most hard hit who suffered in various ways. In this article, you will read about 5 things college students are worried about currently. 


1. Uncertain Future | Things College Students are Worried About

For most of us life was quite jolly before the pandemic occurred. The pandemic not only affected our present but made us question our future. The economy went down the hill and our future became uncertain. There are lot of questions students think about like whether they can go abroad for future studies or how will their performance in current semester evaluated.


2. Placements

Many students who will graduate this year are looking for jobs so that they can earn. Some want part time jobs so that they can then continue further while earning and gaining industry experience. Some want full time permanent jobs. Even some students in their second last year are worried for the future jobs. In both the cases, college students are worries about whether they will get placements or not. 


3. Got selected but didn’t receive offer letters

The students who got selected for jobs are now uncertain about them. Many final year students got placement in reputed companies and were offered the job they always wanted to do. But most of them didn’t receive the offer letter. They got their placements but now it looks like a dream difficult to follow. Many students have questions in mind like whether they job they were previously offered is still available for them or not. One student said,

“I was offered a job in a leading IT company and worked hard to get selected. But I didn’t recieve the offer letter. The HR sent a mail saying they will send me once the situation settles but there’s no certainty”. 


4. Availability of jobs | Things College Students are Worried About

The economies of not just India but many countries went down the hill. Small and large all businesses are vastly affected. There were not many sales during the last 3 months as the nation was in lockdown. People bought only the necessities and didn’t spend much. As a result, companies incurred losses and even some of them were compelled to shut down. College students are worried about whether they will get jobs or not. There’s a lot of competition already that is certain to increase if job availability decreases.


5. Evaluation and Assessment

All students are worried about their pending exams and school students are no exception to this. UGC issued various notices addressing the same issue but the future is so uncertain that what will happen next is difficult to predict. First and second year students are said to be evaluated on the basis of previous semester results. This is problematic for students who were not able to perform well previously. They have to suffer with this. For final year students it is still a question mark about whether there will be exams or not? If yes, then offline or online? And list the continues…


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