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6 Lessons Learnt From Online IP University Exams.

ip university exams

Since the IP University exams, which started in the last week of January, are about to reach its end in a few days, there are so many things to be said about it with so many lessons learned and experiences gained by this new way of conducting exams. The students have had variety of experiences while taking the online tests; some good and some bad. While the college has provided the students with a Support Team to answer their queries, it was still hard for students to take the exams smoothly because of so many technical issues. However, for some, online exams has been as good as it can get.

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ip university exams

So, with all being considered, here are the 10 lessons learnt from Online GGSIPU Exams:

  • It’s OK to be mad at slow internet connection sometimes.

Remember those posts on Instagram saying that if you want to know someone, then you should see how they behave with a bad internet connection? While getting mad at slow internet connection is something that we have all done but have later felt guilty about ruining our moods for something so trivial. Same cannot be said about when you get a warning to check your internet connection in the middle of the exams and you completely lose your cool.

  • Digital Infrastructure Needs Improvement.

With everyone facing so many technical problems during the IP University online exams from starting the exam to ending it, the screen kept on freezing all the time. This was one of many issues that was reported to the University by the candidates. One thing is clear from all of this that digital infrastructure needs some serious improvements to avoid any such issues in future.

  • You Can Definitely Outsmart the AI.

We surely do not need to elaborate on what do we mean by outsmarting the AI and why do you need to do that in exams. If you know, if you know.

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  • Less Pressure in Online Exams on Students.

Due to less pressure during the online exams, we are able to understand better how to regulate our nerves in these times. Answering questions has become easier due to the absence of examination hall-like environment at home. This will surely help everyone in offline exams as well.

  • Studying Is More Than Just Memorizing.

One thing that studying for online exams, especially for the objective questions has taught us that studying is more than just memorizing stuff and writing page after page in the exams. This mode of examination requires us to be more familiar with the given syllabus and makes it compulsory for us to go in depth with each and every concept given in the syllabus.

  • Maybe Offline Exams Are Better?

This is something that we all have thought of this during the exams. While the online exams are much easier to score, they are not as fun as the offline exams. Traditional exams in a classroom full of your buddies is something that cannot be compared to you sitting alone in your room. Moreover, the discussions before and after the exams are so much fun to have and the delicious food after grinding on the answer sheet for three hours hits you differently.

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