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GGSIPU Exams: Help For Students Facing Technical Difficulties


GGSIPU Online Proctored End Term Exams have started since the last week of January. Prior to its beginning, the University released a number of notices regarding the process of the online examination. Along with that, it also released helpline no. and email id of the Support Team in case any student faces any technical difficulties during the test. The University in a recent notice has reported that over 60,000 students are taking the online test for around 4 lacs paper.

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With the no. of paper being that high, there have surely been no shortage of technical difficulties that the students have been facing since the day of commencement of exams. Various students have complained of unresponsiveness of the test screen, while some tests have started before the scheduled time without any prior notice. These are just a few examples of what the students are dealing with. All the students were asked to report such issues on the given contact information to the Support Team who would guide them to resolve the issue.

Since many complaints were made by students in the first few weeks of the exams, the University released another helpline no. to cope with the high number of students reaching out to the Support Team for help.

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The students facing technical issues in exams have been reassured by the University that the necessary resolutions shall be done.

In a notice released on February 9th, 2021, the University has reiterated the email id (i.e., [email protected]) provided for the students on which they are supposed to send their grievances. GGSIPU has assured the students who have reported their issues to the University that their grievances regarding the online conduct are being examined and the necessary help would be given by the University to the complainants.

This brings some relief to those who have mailed their issues to the University that their exams would be taken care of and they would face no loss in this academic year. The students are requested to keep checking the official website of GGSIPU for any further updates on exams.

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