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IP University Exams: University Releases Helpline For Proctored Exams

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Amidst the IP university exams, the University has released a helpline for its students.

GGSIPU has recently issued a number of guidelines containing all the information regarding the online proctored exams. The University has made sure to answer all the queries of the students such as the steps for registration, system requirements for taking the tests as well as the helpline for any issue that may come up during the online proctored exams.

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In the previous notice, the University has informed the students that in case of any technical issues such as internet connectivity issues, etc. during the examination, the candidates must reach out to the Support team or put in on the chat box provided on screen. The support team can be reached on mail by a support mail ID given by the University: [email protected] or on the help line number: 7303885690.

IP University exams
GGSIPU has released another helpline no. to help ease the process of resolving the issues/queries of students during online proctored exams.

However, in a recent notice dated 27.01.2021, GGSIPU has released another helpline no. to help ease the process of resolving the various queries or issues of the students appearing for the online proctored exams. The additional helpline no. provided is +91 1206740101 on which the students can contact the Support team in case of any internet connectivity issue or some other problem in taking the test. GGSIPU has also made clear that the previous helpline no., i.e., +91 7303885690 that is displayed on its website will also be functional and can be used by the students in case they need any assistance during the exam.

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The students must make sure that they are well-versed with the guidelines issues till now in order to ensure that their exam gets conducted smoothly. They are further suggested to make sure that the helpline no. and email id is within their knowledge during the exams so that they can contact the helpline as soon as possible without wasting any time. Moreover, the University has advised the students to keep checking the official website of GGSIPU in order to not miss any important information regarding the exams.

All the best for your exams!
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