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Being A Fresher Student in the COVID Era

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Since last year, life has been a lot different for everyone in every aspect. From school, colleges, jobs to our lives at home, everything has changed due to the Corona virus threat. Similarly, being a fresher student in the COVID era has not been easy. Every students, once they are done with their school life, have certain expectations about the first year of college. However, the year 2020 looked entirely different for the freshman year students and 2021 is certainly not looking up anytime soon.

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Here are a few expectations vs. reality moments for the Freshers of COVID-era:

  • Freshers Party

Just like farewell parties hold such importance for the final year students, freshers parties hold just as much importance and anticipation for the new-comers. From dressing-up for the occasion to making new friends, these parties sets the tone right for the freshers to start their new college life on a high and a happy mood. However, in this pandemic, no such parties were allowed, making the students miss out on this once in a life experience.

  • Hangout Spots

Every college has one or more hangout spots that are everyone’s favorite through the years. Being a fresher, you often ask your seniors who introduce to you such places. Now, when the pandemic gets over, even the sophomores or students from intermediate semester students who did not get to go to these places would get to experience exploring their college and nearby places like a fresher.

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  • College Gossips

Whether it’s some tea on a student or a fight between teachers, words about any such gossip travel faster than a forest fire in college. This, however, becomes kind of tough when everything has to be done on texts or call, which takes away the fun quotient of college. While gossiping too much is not something to encourage, maintaining a healthy flow of conversation in a light manner is what keeps our everyday life fun and that is exactly how we, as students, get to know how to get things done in our colleges that the freshers are missing out on.

  • Skipping Lectures

To go somewhere and chill with your friends during a lecture that you do not like is always on the bucket list of every student. The feeling of skipping a class for the first time in college makes you feel like a rebel. Truthfully, your college life is incomplete without the stories of the fun you had with your friends when you should have been studying. But, skipping lectures in the COVID era is not at all fun. Even if you do not join your online class, there is no place to go and with so many students being in different cities, freshers are not able to hangout together at all.

  • Fun in Exams

You know you have got a friend in someone when they go hell and back during exams to show you the answer of that one question you have forgotten. Sitting together in the examination room, making silent jokes while defying the eyes of the invigilators but still getting caught somehow, these are the memories that we always cherish of our friends even when the college gets over. But neither online class nor online exams are even half as fun as offline classes and exams are.

Hopefully, the freshers and everyone who has been away from college and are missing out on this amazing time of their lives would get to experience this soon; for these are the moments and memories that we always carry with ourselves and look back on.

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