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Doggos Of IPU

Doggosofipu is an initiative taken by a group of students of GGSIPU to reach out and garner support for the dogs of the campus.

We work to provide them with the following necessities:

1. Food, which became all the more crucial during lockdown when the dogs were left to fend for themselves with the canteen and kiosks closed

2. Life-saving vaccinations that protect against Distemper, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Basic Leptospirosis, and Infectious Hepatitis

3. Sterilization to prevent overpopulation

4. Treatment against diseases like Parvo and timely first aid

We currently require funds for the booster vaccines of the pups on the campus, sterilizations of the dogs who are now of age, and dog food.

We have successfully finished 3 vaccination drives and 2 sterilization drives in the past, which would not have been possible without our volunteers and the donations of those who continue to believe in our cause.

To know more about our initiative and for updates,

you can check out our Instagram page @doggosofipu

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