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Are You A GGSIPU Fresher? Keep These Tips In Mind.

Are you a GGSIPU fresher? Then you are reading the right article.

Being a fresher is no easy task. It takes a long list of tasks to adapt yourself to the college life. From endless assignments to interacting with new people, it surely seems like a daunting task.

So, if you are a fresher yourself then we surely know that you might need some tips. Here are a few tips from a GGSIPU student herself, for you to ace your college life like the star you are!

  • Don’t overburden yourself

    GGSIPU Freshers: What To Expect?
    GGSIPU Freshers: What To Expect?

It is already as tough as it can be, Starting college online, not being able to make friends, not knowing the subject and teachers, coping up with online classes all day long. it is totally unfair to us but we have to manage with what we have now, it won’t be for long but for now to is what is. Try to manage what you can and don’t overburden yourself in the way. it’s okay to mess up, it is okay to not be able to understand some things, it’s okay to miss out. it is a new concept and it’s hard for everybody and especially for freshers. Just stay calm. We will soon get back to our normal life, hopefully.

  • Don’t miss the deadlines

It is okay to miss lectures and have some fun around but don’t forget things that matter. Assignments and projects should be one of your top priorities and finish them on time. These are the little things you can do easily and they carry much importance.

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  • It’s never too early to think ahead

    GGSIPU Freshers: Stay Ahead of The Curve
    GGSIPU Freshers: Stay Ahead of The Curve

It’s absolutely fine to go with the flow in your first year and have your future in mind at the same time. Find out where the uni careers office is – there you’ll find advisers to speak to and possible work experience, internships, and other opportunities to look into.

Getting involved in projects related to your future career aspirations, from the student newspaper to a legal helpline, will also provide you with relevant skills and experience and give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people. If you want, join an internship as well, they help a lot.

  • GGSIPU Fresher? Be Yourself.

    Freshers Life
    Freshers Life

To be able to fit into a new environment and gel with new people, many freshers make the mistake of hiding their true personality and take on a fake persona. They change everything about themselves. Slowly, it can get suffocating for them. Don’t make this mistake

Be yourself as much as possible. This way, you will always be happy and comfortable being yourself and you will be able to find people who will like you for who you truly are. You will thrive in all aspects of your college life.

  • Enjoy it while you can

    GGSIPU Colleges
    GGSIPU Colleges

You will quite soon realise that being a GGSIPU fresher seems quite easy in the first year.

Your first year at university is often as much about settling in and getting into the swing of surviving independently as it is about your degree studies. The academic side of your university experience will quickly ramp up in your second and third years.

Use your first year (your marks often won’t count towards your overall degree mark) to make mistakes and get to grips with the style of learning at university – and remember to enjoy it! This is the year to get to know your new surroundings and friends.

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