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In a recent turn of events, Tens of thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in Washington, D.C., where he encouraged them to attend a rally as Congress began to ceremonially certify the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. Whats being read a Pro trump coup attempt, After a speech by the president, protesters overran security at the Capitol building, which seemed unprepared for the onslaught. They knocked over barricades, pushed past cordons of officers, and broke windows.

Photojournalists captured images of guards with guns drawn, trying to hold the mob off at the doors of the House chambers. Insurrectionists entered the House and Senate chambers, standing on the dais in both, and roamed through the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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In a late-night news conference, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert J Contee said that 52 were arrested over the violence that saw pro-Trump rioters breaking windows, climbing on rafters, ripping down U.S. flags and roaming the Senate chamber. 

Both the House and Senate and the entire Capitol were placed under a lockdown. Vice President Mike Pence and lawmakers were evacuated to safe locations.

Historians said it was the first time that the Capitol had been taken over since 1814 when the British burned it during the War of 1812.

After the situation was brought under control, social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram were abuzz with the photographs sourcing in from the Capitol. Wherein some called it a fascist attack, others called it a proof of sheer patriotism. Twitteratis in India was seen strongly condemning the act and were also seen drawing parallels between 1992 incidence of the Babri Masjid and the recent Capitol coup. 

Photo Credits: Iamag.com

Late evening after the coup was brought under control, Former POTUS Donald Trump was indefinitely banned from Facebook and Instagram. Twitter gave out a warning of the indefinite ban.

The Republican party today is like a massive religious cult surrounding an organised crime family headed by a deranged narcissist- Jamie Raskin

“The United States stands for democracy around the world and it is now vital that there should be a peaceful and orderly transfer of power,” Borris Johnson wrote on Twitter.

“Distressed to see news about rioting and violence in Washington DC. An orderly and peaceful transfer of power must continue. The democratic process cannot be allowed to be subverted through unlawful protests.” Tweeted Narendra Modi on Twitter. 

(With inputs from The Atlantic, NDTV, BBC and others)

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