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Weekend Binge- What To Watch This Weekend?

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The weekend is here, and so is our relaxing moods! The pandemic is not over yet. Staying at home is still preferable and in case you are wondering how to spend time, we have you covered. We have listed some series and movies available on television and web platforms to make your weekend even more chill and your binge list sorted! So grab some popcorn, sit in your favourite relaxing chair and enjoy your weekend binge!


THE BIG DAY-2, Netflix


The Netflix series The Big Day showcases the behind the scenes of big fat Indian weddings. Its first season was a hit and is back with another series filled with lavish weddings. Going by its trailer, the three weddings shown in the second season are grander and more luxurious than the six weddings which were shown in the first season over the three episodes. So, be prepared to witness the madness that happens in planning these extravagant weddings once again!

the big day
Credits- Lifestyle Asia

THE BIG BULL, Disney+ Hotstar


While ‘Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story’ the web series was one of the biggest Indian web series, ‘The big bull’ is the movie version of it starring Abhishek Bachchan. The story is inspired by the real-life events of the stock market that took place between 1990 and 2000 involving Harshad Mehta. The film was earlier slated to be released in the theatres but owing to the pandemic, it will be available for streaming on Disney + Hotstar.

the big bull
Credits- India TV
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INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE, Star Sports, Disney+ Hotstar VIP


The biggest cricket tournament in the country is back, and so is the adrenaline rush of million Indian cricket fans. IPL definitely has a separate fan base, with fans rooting for their favourite teams, and witnessing a crazy cricket match filled with moments of joy. It is not only for the cricket fans, it is for the whole family who has their dinner together while seeing the match, or group of friends that met after long to enjoy a game together. This cricket tournament truly is a festival enjoyed by everyone!

Credits- Facebook



The Bold Type is based on the lives of three best friends in their mid-twenties. They are trying to excel in their careers and at the same time making bold choices in their personal lives. With immense knowledge of fashion, the show is set up in a fashion magazine office in NYC. The show has even started conversations around taboo subjects like BRCA cancer gene, exploring sexual inclinations, loopholes in women’s health insurances, racial/class/gender privileges, cheating, custody battles, body positivity, assault and its victims, love and loss and many such diverse topics. Here, we see independent women who are carving out their identities and raising their voices within a male-dominated office.

the bold type
Credits- IMDb
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THEM, Amazon Prime


Produced by Lena Waithe, “Them” is set in 1950s America. It follows a Black family as they move to an all-white neighbourhood in Los Angeles. The series gives a horror look at racism during that time. It showcases the family’s struggle to assimilate into their new environment.

them weekend binge
Credits- The New York Times


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