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USLLS Releases Indraprastha Law Review

University School of Law and Legal Studies (USLLS) of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, issued a notice regarding Indraprastha Law Review (ILR). They were happy to inform that it has received an encouraging response and the Editorial Board has successfully published the inaugural edition of the ILR Summer 2020: Vol. I Issue I.




University School of Law and Legal Studies (USLLS) envisages an advancement of institutional expertise in the area of legal research and education by augmenting academic and professional excellence, developing critical and relentless engagement with legal theory and practice, while synergising law, legal research, legal education and action to further the quest for justice. It aims at becoming an internationally recognised centre for education and research facilities in law.


USLLS aspires to open new vistas in the arena of law, legal studies, theoretical and clinical legal education through an incessant endeavour towards developing academic potential, critical analytical ability, advocacy, counselling and mediation skills so as to fully equip the students with learning that is intellectually stimulating, socially vital and professionally enriching; to give back to the society legal luminaries who can change the way law as a profession is followed. It, therefore, trains them for placements in the judiciary, quasi-judicial bodies, regulatory authorities, commissions, voluntary organisations, ADR systems and other sectors.


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To realise its mission, the school finds adherence to quality standards absolutely essential, wherein there is a constant involvement with processes and practice of law in the professional, social and economic arenas of life by encouraging interaction between the institution and those involved in these processes. Further, it strives to expand the facilities for advanced research in law, the introduction of new and vibrant courses and augmenting the capacity to undertake consultancies and projects with state, national and international agencies, industry etc.


What is IP Law Review?


Indraprastha Law Review is an eco-friendly, multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal with an editorial board comprising experts from the legal field. They abide by our publication policies by avoiding the usage of paper as much as possible. They have also made the Journal accessible to anyone and everyone beyond the boundaries of our country. Anyone who wishes to go through it can simply do so by visiting the official website of the journal i.e. www.indraprasthalawreview.in


This biannual journal is being published with the objectives to provide a space for researchers, jurists, academicians and legal practitioners to express their views on topics of contemporary significance in law. Efforts are being made towards making this journal even more diverse in language and ideologies.


Mr Vinayak Jhamb, Ph.D. Research Scholar was the coordinator for this year’s journal. Abhay Pratap Singh, Preksha Gupta, Hemant Krishna, Ishita Khurana, Anushka Gupta, Harsshita Pothiraj and Kaushitaki Sharma were the student members. All of these enthusiastic students are from the 3rd, 4th and 5th year of BBA LLB.



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The editorial board are now welcoming contributions for the Winter 2020: Vol. I Issue II in the form of articles, notes, book review and case comments on emerging areas in law. The detailed guidelines for the submission can be obtained from Guidelines for Submission. It is uploaded on the ILR website of the e-journal under the “Call for Papers” section.

The last date for submission is 31st June 2021 by midnight.

Contributions sent after the last date will be considered for Summer 2021: Vol. I Issue I.

The articles must be subject to the quality of the article and plagiarism clearance as per the UGC guidelines.


Submissions can be mailed to the Editor-in-Chief at [email protected]



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