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UGC report on universities conducting exams

IP University Students Are Certainly Not Feeling Heard

UGC report on universities conducting exams was released today. In the latest update by the UGC, its mandatory to conduct exams for all the final year students. UGC report on universities conducting exams states the universities who conducted exams, will conduct exams and have still to confirm if they will conducts exams.

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The Report by UGC

Response for conducting exams was received from 993 universities. Out of these, 182 have conducted the exams and 272 will conduct the exams. 177 universities are yet to decide if they want to conduct the exams. There are 27 universities that were established this year and only has one batch of students so far. This batch is not yet eligible to give their final year/semester exams. The rest of the universities haven’t responded yet.

Only 251 out of 412 State universities have responded so far.


IPU’s position on this matter

A recent declaration by Manish Sisodia stated that Delhi state universities would not be holding exams for final year students. The statement was made because of the pandemic that has gripped our country. He stood with the students in solidarity and went against UGC. UGC made final year exams mandatory because they believe it is in the long-term interest of students. Since IPU is a Delhi state university, in concordance with Sisodia’s statement will not be conducting exams so far.


Read this article for further details on what Mr Manish Sisodia said – Delhi State University Exams Cancelled: Manish Sisodia
UGC’s statement on the report

Rajnish Jain, UGC member secretary told the Hindu, “After issuing the guidelines, we are now understanding the readiness, and status of implementation for examinations to be conducted by the end of September. The guidelines still stand.” The statement by Mr. Jain seems that the UGC is dead set on conducting exams. All the student’s pleas are falling on blind ears it seems.


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