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Ideas and Technology: Technorax 7.0 is Here

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Are you a coder? Are you a designer? Or are you just a person full of ideas? Don’t worry, Technovrax is here. Technorax 7.0 is the technical event hosted by IEEE AGDITM from 16th to 17th of October, 2021. Technorax 7.0 is aimed to provide technical and entrepreneurial exposure to students across India. It will be a completely online event.

Now that you are ready to test your skills among many students, let’s see what Technovrax is in store for you.


T-Hacks is the virtual hackthon in Technorax 7.0 to test your coding mettle. You have to design a solution around particular themes provided on the website of Technorax. It will be a 24-hour long virtual hackathon and you will be provided with mentors to guide you throughout. The hackathon is there to test your ideation to the building process.

Sell It Off

It is an entrepreneurial event to ensure that your business acumen is specified. The event will make you pitch your idea to the best minds out there and use different marketing strategies to get the maximum attraction towards your product, The better you pitch, the better your chances of winning. There are 2 rounds of the event. Register on the website of Technorax to take part in the event.

If you are excited to test your talent, what are you waiting for? Summers? Go and register now on https://technoraxv-7.tech/.
Date – 16th-17th October 2021.

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