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Morning Shift vs Evening Shift: All you need to know

GGSIPU Admissions comes with a lot of questions. The most primary one of it is regarding the shifts of the courses. As many GGSIPU Colleges have morning and evening shifts, students want to know what is best for them. Though this debate of Morning Shift vs Evening Shift is perennial, let’s have a look at its details and what both shifts have in store for you.

What is a shift?

Before we address the Morning Shift vs Evening Shift Question, it is crucial to know what exactly is a shift. So, a shift is a period that is allotted by the college to carry out the specific course classes. If your college is running from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, these 8 hours are considered as a shift. But, there is no such need of calling it a shift, if you have one shift only.

When the colleges want to teach more students but have lesser resources to accommodate, they divide their teaching pattern into shifts. Shifts allow the college to call students at different times of the day and manage their resources well. Generally, every organization with shifts going on has two shifts – morning shift and evening shift. The same is the case with colleges of GGSIPU.

Morning Shift

Morning Shift, as the name suggests is the shift that has classes starting early in the morning. Though the colleges can decide the timings for their shifts, GGSIPU has asked the colleges to have timings of morning shift from 8:00 AM in a 2014-15 notice

Read the notice here

The timings are very similar to the timings of school in India and hence, no major adjustment is needed in terms of sleep pattern and planning your day. Moreover, as the shift is meant to end at 2:30 PM, it also means that you can have enough time to work on anything that you want after reaching home.

Evening Shift

The evening shift, though less popular is mostly similar to the morning shift. Apart from the timings that are from 12:30 PM to 7:30 PM, nothing seems to change in the evening shift. The facilities and the faculty are equal and there is no dip in the education quality. Moreover, if you are a night owl, this is a perfect Shift for you. You can sleep as late as you want because you don’t have to wake up early.

Moreover, you can always have your plans of a night out ready with your friends as you are at the perfect time to have some rounds of the city. However, the students with a curfew time at home might not be the best candidates for the Evening Shift.

Morning Shift vs Evening Shift

As it is clearly stated, there is no difference in terms of curriculum, quality of education, and facilities in both shifts. You might find an odd aberration of a faculty or some lab is not put to use at certain times, but other than that, it’s all equal for both shifts. The differences lie in the lifestyle and daily routine of the students. The morning shift has a whole day left to do their chores. On the other hand, the evening shift students can work the whole night.

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