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First Year IPU Students : 9 Mistakes That Can Impact Their Career

First Year IPU Students

There are many mistakes that first-year IPU students do when they enter college. Though these mistakes are not life-ending, they can certainly bring a positive impact if not done. Let’s see some of these mistakes.

1. Not joining societies

Societies are a big part of any college culture. First-year IPU students must understand the importance of it. College societies give you an easier way to interact with your seniors and faculty members. As most of the IPU societies focus on dedication, they are ready to develop your interpersonal skills. Societies help the students to get out of their comfort zone and give a taste of what actually happens behind an event.

In a society, students also get to network with people from other societies and as any graduate can tell, networking is a great tool for career development. Hence, there are more than enough reasons to join a society for first-year IPU students. Moreover, it is fairly easier to get into a society in the first year than in any other year.

2. Not talking to faculty and seniors

First-year IPU students have the perception that they can do anything. With this, they try to figure out everything on their own, not talking to seniors or faculty. On one hand, faculties can indeed be difficult to approach in your first year, but you can always talk to your seniors. Barring a few seniors who might not talk much, most of the seniors are friendly and approachable. You can reach out to them and ask about the path that you must follow.

3. Leaving opportunities because they are not skilled enough

First Year IPU Students
Credits: India Today | IPUBuzz

First-year students are generally underconfident of their talent. It is a perception that any role is given to them only if they have skills. But, it is not true. Most of the opportunities that come first year’s way are not expecting any skills. They need the dedication and time that the first year can give. The companies and societies are ready to train the first-year students if they want to. First-year IPU students must apply to every opportunity irrespective of their skills. After all, they will be rejected at the worst.

4. Assuming that college will give them everything

It is a big misconception and academic studies of college are enough to stand out of the crowd in IPU. Most colleges in India have a basic level syllabus and IPu is not different. Following academic routes will get you a great GPA but not many skills. As companies focuses more on skills, you must find some other resources to accumulate that. It is a harsh reality that first-year IPU students must understand that their college is not going to spoonfeed them. In reality, no college spoon-feeds the students. It is up to the students to carve their own path.

5. Too much focus on academics

Most of the first-year students make getting the highest GPA as of their target. As it is a decent goal if you are looking for higher studies, but it is not enough if you are preparing for the placements. As most companies only care about a bare minimum GPA, academics can’t be your sole focus in your college life. You have to balance it with other skills that are necessary to create an impact on your career.

6. Underestimating the power of official college mail

The majority of the first years students don’t know that they can avail themselves of an official mail with the “ipu.ac.in” domain. Though it seems a small thing to be talking about, it is really powerful. As most of the organizations such as Canva, Github, Adobe have free products for the students, not having an official mail id can hamper your chances to avail these. Also, the student id comes with a free Gsuite account that gives unlimited storage on Google Drive. Hence, first-year IPU students must get their student mail or equivalent from their college.

7. Poor time management

First Year IPU Students
Credit: Harrapa Education | IPUBuzz

Time management is a big issue for first-year students. Because they want to be great at everything, they overspend their time and energy on the things that they might leave very soon. To make sure that these things do not happen, one must invest his time carefully. Students must try to explore things sequentially so that they are doing justice to every technology. Also, this ensures that you can leave the technology if you are not comfortable and start a new one with the same energy and enthusiasm.

8. Buying books of syllabus.

Many students spend their money on buying academic books. Though it might be necessary at times to buy a specific book, mostly not. Most colleges have their Book Banks running for college students. It allows the students to take their course books for a minimal amount (depending on the college) for a whole semester and then you can return it to the library. It saves a lot of costs and you are no longer confused about the quality of the books. So, first-year IPU students, look out for a Book Bank notice from your college.

9. First year is all fun

It is all crap. While first-year students have more time than any other year student, spending it all on fun is not a wise decision. Students must work on their skills slowly so that they have something at the end of the first year. Though it is not the only way it gives you a head start for sure.

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