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Struggles of GGSIPU Students These Days

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With the COVID pandemic getting fiercer, GGSIPU students have found themselves in a fix. Despite the suspension of teaching activities, a lot more is going in student’s life. With every passing day, the struggles are increasing exponentially. Let’s have a look at the struggles of GGSIPU students in these times.

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No matter the course you are taking, the subject of COVID is present in all of them. With a seemingly inevitable wave of COVID striking the city, GGSIPU students are not untouched by its impact. It has provided stress to almost everybody.

As the healthcare system begins to crumble, students of GGSIPU have few choices to select. They are calling friends, reaching out for help on social media. All of this to help a friend or saving someone in their family.

Delay in classes, not in deadlines.

Although there will be no classes till 15th May, the students are not getting relaxation on the deadline of the assignments. It has nullified the effect of the suspension and defeats its purpose. As assignments are a source of evaluation in online teaching, no relaxation in deadline is an area of concern. 

Teachers are putting in some extra assignments seeking the “free time” that the students will get. It has put students under more pressure than usual. There is a fear regarding sudden examination among the teachers. It has forced them to give out more assignments to cover their syllabus.

Classes going on

As the whole University was feeling relaxed and happy with the cancellation, some teachers have other thoughts. To complete the syllabus, teachers are taking classes in the suspended period also. It has created havoc among the students. We have covered this news in detail in our article

The classes have increased the struggle of GGSIPU students to cope up with mental health. Students have tried their best to cancel the lectures but to no effect. The University seems to have overlooked the matter and left the students on their own.

Lack of information

Lack of communication between the students and the authorities leads to miscommunication
Lack of communication between the students and the authorities leads to miscommunication

It is the story of every member of GGSIPU. Ranging from teachers to students, the information for each and everything seems to be treasured behind closed curtains.

While that might not be intentional, it surely has widespread effects. As the pandemic stuck, everybody asked for better communication. As the University failed miserably with communication, it has led to panic among the students. 

The most prominent example was the minor of the odd semester of session 2020-21. In the initial notice, University informed students about the continuous evaluation procedure. Then, in the middle of the semester, they announced the minor dates. It created an unpleasant situation for the students. Similarly, students are now in a dilemma regarding what lies ahead in regards with exams, results and what not.

Delayed semester for GGSIPU Students

A Delayed Semester Means A Delay For Students' Future Plans | Struggles of GGSIPU Students
A Delayed Semester Means A Delay For Students’ Future Plans | Struggles of GGSIPU Students

After suspension, a small section of students was worried. The fact that the cancellation will delay the semester is troubling the students. They do not want a short summer vacation. Moreover, some courses require a summer internship to show in the college. The students of these courses are puzzled about the future declarations of the University.

A delayed semester also reduces the chances of getting a longer internship in good companies. Some colleges of IPU give NOC in this regard, but not every college is supportive enough. The delayed semester has put its share in the struggles of GGSIPU Students in the current scenario.

Lack of guidance

Struggles of GGSIPU Students | A Lack of Proper Guidance?
Struggles of GGSIPU Students | A Lack of Proper Guidance?

Many GGSIPU students, especially first years, are not able to interact and get guidance from anywhere. Seniors in some colleges have tried to make a connection with juniors to guide them, it is difficult to pull off in online mode. Also, with the stressful situation around, both seniors and juniors are not in the mode to interact with anybody.

It has created a void between the batches. The void is affecting the culture of GGSIPU and needs to be fixed at the earliest. 

These were some struggles of GGSIPU Students that they are facing recently. If you think, there are more such struggles do let us know in the comments. 

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