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Problems Faced In The Progress Of Education In India

Education is the most important segment out of different segments of a social foundation. The accomplished and appropriately prepared manpower can quicken the pace of monetary development. Despite our efforts, our instructive improvement still stays at a low dimension. Somehow, even with our best efforts, we are just stuck at a phase.

Some Of The Following Main Problems Faced In The Progress Of Education:


  • Lack Of funds

Lack of sufficient funds is one of the main problems in the development of education. The way we have planned things, it is not going in that way, Five Year Plans has been decreasing. Due to insufficient funds, most educational institutes lack infrastructure, science equipment, libraries, and even some basic schooling facilities. Due to this, the Desired results are almost impossible to reach.

main problems
main problems

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  • Expensive Higher Education 

University, professional and technical education has become very costly in India. the fee structure of technical and professional institutes like IIM’s is quite high IIM’s charge Rs. 2 lakh per semester for MBA classes. it is beyond what a common man can afford. privatization of higher education has led to people profiting from it. Now a day’s higher education is a much costly affair.

  • Neglect of Indian languages

The medium of instruction in almost all of the subjects is English. So rural students who don’t know English well, cannot study science, social studies, and other subjects properly in English. They suffer a lot; Indian languages are still underdeveloped. Standard publications are not available in the Indian language. Instead of Making both the languages important, we are just focussing on English, which leaves a huge impact on the education of rural areas. leaving them on a stagnant position while the rest of the world is moving forward

  •  Mass illiteracy

Despite constitutional directives and economic planning, we are not able to achieve a better literacy rate. Even now most people remain illiterate. In India, the number of illiterates is almost one-third of the total illiterates in the world. Advanced countries are 100% literate; the position in India is quite dismal.

  • Wastage of resources:

Our education system is based on General Education. the dropout rate is very high at primary and secondary levels. Most of the students in the 6-14 age groups leave the school before completing their education. It leads to the wastage of resources.

  • Problems of primary education:

Our primary education is filled with too many problems. Many primary schools have no buildings and even basic facilities like drinking water, urinals, and electricity, furniture and study materials, etc. Large numbers of primary schools are single teacher schools and many schools are even without teachers. So the drop rate is very high and a cause of concern. Despite our best efforts, we are still lagging behind.

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