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EKALAAP ’20- The Monoact Festival

THEATRE LEELA ACTING STUDIO in association with SIFAR – The Theatre Society of Maharaja Surajmal Institute brings to you ‘EKALAAP – The Monoact Festival’, directed by Mr. Varun Sharma. The festival intends to make your boredom take a back seat in this pandemic and enchant your day by giving a sneak peek into the lives of multiple characters and their beguiling stories. Divided into 3 days, the festival manifests 15+ performances which are fully repleted with the various rasas. From Haasya to Raudra, Veer to Bhayanak, and Shringar to Vibhatsya, our talented performers bring to you all the flavours of life one can taste. This spectacular extravaganza is sure to be dramatic, jazzy, and prismatic.


Day 1 of EKALAAP includes:-

  • BRUISED, BUT NOT BROKEN by ADITI BHANDARI – We live in a country where women are objectified, oftentimes. According to men, they have every right to treat their wives like animals and feel superior. This act portrays the story of a young woman who discloses her life as an animalized person.
  • SHAKUNTALA (A story of Divine Love) by YUKTAA SOBTI – It tells the story of a hermit girl Shakuntala, the daughter of the celestial nymph Menaka and sage Vishvamitra. The story is inspired by Kalidasa’s Abhijanashakuntala when Shakuntala gets cursed and due to the successional mishappenings she is forced to leave the royal life and gives birth to her child in a forest. This story shows her pain and the struggle that she goes through whilst raising her child alone and living without King Dushyanta.
  • तैनात by RIYA CHOUDHARY- “A mother’s heart knows no end nor does it know greater than fear for its child.” War is not just about soldiers with guns, it’s also about their mothers whose scars might be harder to see, but have no doubt that on the side they bleed. Military moms also serve our country. Witness the story of a brave heart that consistently requires sacrifice, commitment, and understanding.

Day 2 (part 1)| EKALAAP

Day 2 (part 1) of EKALAAP includes:-

  • EHSAAN by UTKARSH GAUR – We live in a society where the protectors are supposed to protect us. But the situation and the reality is twisted in a way in which sometimes we need to protect ourselves from the protectors. Trust is becoming a myth and freedom is just like an illusion. The laws are protecting the evils and the innocent is dealing with the injustice. But for how long? We know who is biased, we know how will it stop, we know who all are initiating it, we know who all are victims, we know we have these fake blindfolds on, we know this is wrong. But what are we actually doing to make it stop?
  • NOOR by RADHIKA SINGLA – A fairly ambitious girl, contrary to societal prejudices, gets caught up in a dangerous love triangle of power, lust, and revenge. How far will you chase your idea of life? It’s consuming. It’s provoking. It’s manipulative. Will she get what she wants?
  • EVIDENCE by NAMAN VERMA – The best detective in the city, the guy who has never left a case unsolved has come to investigate and add one more to his record. After investigating the suicide and gathering evidence from the crime scene, what he finds interesting is that maybe it’s more than just a suicide.
  • RAAHI by KAUSTUBH GROVER – Confession of love is a beautiful experience in itself, something that stays with us for years to come. It’s a universal language that makes butterflies flutter in the stomach, the heart beats faster, with no combination of words giving justice to the feeling in your heart. Kartik, a sweet lover boy from Delhi, experiences the same when he realizes he has feelings for his best friend. Watch how love has no boundaries, through a sweet confession of love!
  • EK SAPNA by ISHAAN JAIN – The story unravels in the city of dreams where a youngster who has aspired to work in the movies has finally cracked a role. But the journey isn’t smooth always. He has to sacrifice his friends, family, his sanity, his everything when he fathoms that his life has brought him to a fork in the road. Will he choose the road untraveled? Stay tuned to find out.

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Day 2 (part 2)| EKALAAP

Day 2 (part 2) of EKALAAP includes:-

  • IT’S A GIRL by CHESHTA – “Another male bastion falls, as a woman, food delivery executive walks in with our order.” We have one life, don’t let gender dictate your choices in it. The story of Aasha being a carefree spirit inspires us all to always look beyond conventions. ‘It’s a Girl’ depicts the circumstances under which Aasha has made ‘food delivery’ her profession which she’s fond of now and also wishes that the taboo and stigma around such jobs in our society fades away.
  • BANDHI AUR BANDHU by HARSHIT CHOPRA – “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” Criminals should be punished for the deeds that they have committed but what happens when a person receives it more than is necessary? Does he fight for his rights or continue being exploited by the law? Witness this heartwarming tale of an ‘innocent criminal’ as he goes through an emotional roller-coaster of nostalgia, injustice, and friendship.
  • DEKHBHAAL by SANJANA – Where there’s a beautiful parent-child relationship, there’s always exists some complications. Directing efforts towards relieving the plight of children and laying the foundation for the child’s personality and behavior matters a lot. After all, it’s our duty.
  • इंतज़ार by ARYAN MAHAJAN – How it feels, when you are waiting for a moment to happen that fantasizes you deeply in your heart and you seemingly know that this holdback is almost like watering a dead plant. This act is about a 20-year-old boy who addresses himself with the mistakes he has committed or what he has to do to acquire his desire.


Day 3 of EKALAAP includes:-

  • KARNA – The Generous Warrior by SHIVAM SAREEN – Karna, also known as Vasusena, Anga-raja, and Radheya, is one of the major characters of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. He is the spiritual son of the Vedic deity – Surya and princess Kunti, and thus a demigod of royal birth. This is a story of him becoming the generous warrior he is. His relation with his brothers, teachers, and fellow warriors. He is the tragic hero of Mahabharat. Karna in Mahabharat is depicted as one of the most complex characters. Exhibiting both nobility and nastiness.
  • THE FAMILY MAN by SAMBHAV GUPTA – “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” Not for everyone though. Anshuman, a businessman, an ideal father a daughter could have. The individual to whom life made him realize this assertion, reveals the incident which had a positive reinforcement on him, and duly transformed him from a businessman to a family man.
  • DRUGGED by LAKSHYA SEHGAL – Ravi, a 28-year-old adult, is completely into drugs because of his terrible past. He was denied freedom of anything and everything. He loves his mother to that extent as much as he hated his father who died in an accident. Currently, Ravi and his mother live together. Here comes a day that Ravi had never thought of.
  • सफर by ANUBHAV DHINGRA – We all are busy in a race and are in hurry to reach a destination that we forget to enjoy the road to the destination. A boy who doesn’t want to give his life decisions in the hands of other people tells some very important lessons of life with his naughtiness and that too under the eyes of his strict mother!
  • MERA QAATIL KAUN? by VINAYAK WAHI – What happens when we die? Can we accept that we have died? Adhvesh cannot fathom the reality that he is dead, so he fights up with the Almighty to get one more chance. The chance he gets is to find the one who killed him. He has 2 days to find his own Killer. Will he find his killer?

What are you waiting for?


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