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Problems Faced By College Students In The Pandemic

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Problems faced by college students comprise primarily choosing a career but nobody saw the pandemic coming. All the college students who thought they had it figured find themselves back to square one. If you are facing problems too, read the list of 4 problems faced by college students in the pandemic and take a shot every time you relate so you can be drunk and feel a tad bit better.




With the various institutes hell-bent on taking exams and being opaque about their policies *cough* IPU and DU *cough*, every last year student is utterly confused about how to proceed and plan further.

So Close Yet So Far

Did you get a placement in a desirable company and were dreaming about spending your hard-earned cash on the weekends? And then pandemic came and bowled over your plans. Sorry, buddy. The volatile economy and job market have left a lot of students to feel utterly helpless despite working their asses off.

Entrances Galore

You planned to upgrade your educational qualifications and study further, filled the necessary forms, and then *bam* nothing. Many entrances were either held online or have no clear date on site. But when a pandemic is raging outside, the motivation to study for any of these is hard to find. Hang in there and try your best, if not this year then maybe next year.

Back To Square One

With all the time to do basically nothing, overthinking can take a hold of your brain. It can make you regret every choice you made. You are now realizing that you want to pursue something different than the path you were on. It is terrifying and scary, but it can also be the best decision of your life.
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If you are confused about your career after college, then you are not alone. Whoever said that life would be a piece of cake after 10th was clearly lying. Whoever said that after getting into your dream college it would be easier was lying as well. But, it is what it is.

If you want some further guidance we are conducting our webinar on placements. Register yourself for the webinar on “Career options and job opportunities amid COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an effort from our side to ease your anxiety just a little bit and give you the right tools to help you in your career.
We’ll see you there!
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