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From 4th July 2020, Mock OBE exams for DU final year students were conducted. The University of Delhi did not disappoint and as expected it was a messy affair. Amidst heavy opposition for the open book exams, the University of Delhi is adamant about conducting exams.

Date sheet for mock OBE

Details of the mock exams


There was supposed to be a mock exam back in the last week of June but it never happened. The university did not notify the students of the cancellation of the mock exam. A date sheet for the mock exams was released after the OBE was postponed to 10th July 2020. The circular gave 5 days for the mock tests with 3 slots each day. Students were required to register themselves, download the question paper, and upload their answer sheets. Each answer is supposed to be uploaded separately in the mock OBE and the final exams.


Why were students upset?


  1. On the first day of the mock exam, students were unable to access the website. It read “time out”, it was either due to server overload or due to internet issues. The students have pointed it out on multiple occasions how the lack of a stable internet will hinder the process of the exam. It was just one of the other hurdles students had to navigate during the mock.
  2. The successful registration required an OTP that was sent to the mail and the to the student’s phone number. Many students came forward with the complaint that they never received the OTP during the course of their slot.
  3. When other students were able to successfully register, their course mock question paper was not available. Only a handful of course papers were available. Which led to a lot of students questioning, why were the mocks being conducted if the university is unable to provide them with the sample question papers?
  4. Many students also faced a problem of text being overlapped on the interface where they were supposed to post their answers.


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Response by DU


The officials have been communicating to the media that the Mock OBE was a success ignoring the plight of the students who faced various problems. Social media is outraged with the ignorance of the officials and has been calling them out.


Many students are against OBE but DU has ignored all the opposition and is determined to conduct OBE. The least the university can do is resolve these issues as soon as possible but the track record of DU at handling technical glitches is shaky, to say the least. Students have made it clear that the OBE should be scrapped, and for all the right reasons. It’s time that DU pays heed to these requests.

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