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After surviving the turbulence of exams, now it’s time for colleges and cut-offs! It is said cut-offs of this year are going to be higher than the previous year as so many students have scored more than 95% in CBSE XII exams this year. 

Dean’s Say On Increased Percentage 

Shobha Bagai, the dean for admissions, said “the cut-offs are likely to be announced after 12th October 2020. We should hopefully announce the schedule for cut-offs in this week itself.” Adding to this, she also mentioned that the university will be arbitrarily increasing the cut-offs. The probability of cut-offs will be determined by a specific number of students falling in a bracket. Also, many of the NEET and JEE aspirants apply for DU so there might be a little fall in the number of students who applied for Delhi University. 

cut off
Source: Times Of India
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Fifth And Sixth Cut Off To Be Higher As Well

It is also said that the cut-offs will even be high in the fifth and sixth semesters. So pull up your socks and stockings, boys and girls because this year was already not easy, and neither it will be. The seats are limited for every course and the competition is tight. For instance, if the cut off for a course has been 89 percent then this year it is likely to be increased by 2-3 percent, i.e, 91 or 92 percent.


The year 2020 has been a rough ride for each and every one. For people who had regular jobs, for students waiting for there future results who are uncertain and a cloud of stress is on everyone’s head. Amidst this college admission and cut-offs, the procedure is not easy but lets not loose hope and wish for the best! 

Till then, keep buzzing. 

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