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IPU Answer Sheet: Delhi High Court Seeks Response From IPU

Answer Sheet

IPU students know that to get their answer sheet from IPU, they have to pay ₹1500 for each answer sheet. It seems quite a fair rule as most organizations on the national and state-level charge this amount of money for accessing answer sheets. But, last week, Delhi High Court has issued a notice to GGSIPU seeking clarification regarding the same. Let’s have a look at the whole matter.

The issue

The issue of overcharging university students for their answer sheets got into the public eye recently. Two petitioners, Akriti Agarwal and Lakshya Purohit have put this petition in the High Court. The petition underlines the fact that charging such a hefty amount for answer sheets is against the RTI Act 2005. According to RTI Act 2005, the examinee has the right to his/her answer sheet. Also, the information, if charged, can charge only ₹2 per sheet. 

The petition also states that defying this rule means that IPU is defying its 60,000 students of their rights. Moreover, the petition also mentions that the flaw has already been told to the VC and the management of GGSIPU. It is a fact worth noting that many students apply for rechecking and getting their answer sheets from IPU.

What does High Court Say?

In this case, named Akriti Aggarwal v GGSIPU through its Registrar, the High Court has taken a serious look. A notice was issued by the bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh to the IPU seeking clarification. The High Court has given the time to GGSIPU till 23 December to respond to the petition. 

Impact of the petition

Though the petition might seem a bit unimpactful at this time, it is very powerful. If IPU decides to roll back its rules of the answer sheet fee, it will ensure that more student can avail their answer sheets. It will help the students to understand their mistakes.

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