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Study Hacks: Tricks That Can Make Your College Life Easy

Study Hacks

Every new college student has certain dreams and goals related to college life. Everybody wants to do great in studies along with a lot of fun. It seems that both these things cannot be achieved simultaneously, but it is false. With some smart tricks, you can avoid a lot of hassle. Let’s have a look at some of the study hacks that can make your college life easier.

1. Previous year papers

As they say “Work smart, not hard”. You need to understand the importance of the topic. If the topic is crucial as per your career requirements, you must go deep into it. But, if not, you can refer to the previous year’s papers. Go through them and get an idea of the questions that can be asked.

Then, pick those topics that are asked frequently and study to score well. Mostly, GGSIPU asks questions that are crucial concerning the career as well. So, you are getting the most out of the subject without reading the extra information.

2. Read the syllabus

Before you start reading any subject, read its syllabus first. It will help you narrow down your focus to certain topics. It will help you negate the extra topics that your teacher has taught you. Moreover, you can always have an idea about the amount of effort you need to put in to be ready for the exam.

3. Keep the books close, youtube channels closer

If you can crack this code, you are on right track. There are high chances that you can miss your classes due to some or other reason. It can be a dangerous situation with every passing day. Hence, you must know the best youtube channels for each subject. Whenever you miss any class, refer to the channel and there you are. Ready with all the knowledge to ace the exam.

4. All it takes is 15 mins

It may sound cliche, but revising your daily study in 15 mins will help a lot. It will help you retain most of the topics that you will study. The more you revise, the less hassle it will be at the time of exams. You can enjoy your day to the fullest and still be updated by revising continuously. No revision can add to major stress during exam time and will add nothing to the already fun you are having.

These were some study hacks to make your life easier at college.

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