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TEDxKIET : An Era of Coexistence

KIET Group of Institutions is organizing a TEDx event, TEDxKIET 2021 on the theme of “an era of coexistence”. The event is aimed to provide a better understanding of coexistence and how it will impact the world. As it is clear that the new world is going to be full of cooperation, coexistence is the skill to work on.

About the event

TEDxKIET is a TEDx event organized by KIET on their campus. Through this event, TEDxKIET and its team want to get together the people and think in the direction of the future. As the world is stuck by the pandemic in recent times, the ways of living have changed, People have realized the power of nature and the repercussions of messing with it.

As the world is ready for a new inning, it should have the correct vision going in the years ahead. It has been seen that organizations around the world have identified coexistence as the best tool. To continue development with sustaining nature can be a tedious task at times. Hence, to ensure that everybody gets the complete understanding of “Coexistence”, TEDxKIET has come into the picture.

The speakers will not only explain coexistence but will also tell how it can be achieved. Moreover, some speakers will showcase their talents through their mesmerizing performances. The event is set in for a treat for everybody who wishes to see something new and refreshing. The details are as follows:-

Date: 12th November 2021
Venue: KIET Group of Institutions, KIET Auditorium
Timings: 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

If you have the zeal to see something new and refreshing, TEDxKIET is here to quench your thirst for refreshment. You can go and read about the event in the like given below.

Check details of TEDxKIET 2021 here.

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