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GGSIPU Fee Hike: The Hike ‘Fee’ver Reaches VIPS

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies

The issue pertaining to the GGSIPU fee hike has reached VIPS.

As if the students and their parents weren’t going through enough already, colleges are asking them to pay a hiked fee amount. On Tuesday and Wednesday, some departments of Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS) personally called parents and guardians of every student and asked them to pay the fee amounting to Rs. 96,800.

GGSIPU Fee HIke: A credible move?
GGSIPU Fee HIke: A credible move?
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What Is The Credibility? | A Hiked Fee

On the afternoon of 14th July, students of batch 2019-2022 of VSES got a call from their teacher and were notified that they can deposit the fee for the academic session 2020-2021 in the college’s bank account. The details of the bank account are mentioned in a circular on the college’s website.

However, no deadline to pay the fee has been specified yet. On opening the PDF available on the website, there are all the details regarding the bank account, but no specific mention of the amount to be paid. Here, with no written proof of the exact amount, the question pertaining to credibility arises.

Why is The Fee Amount Increased?

The asked fee is Rs.96,800 which is higher than the amount proposed last year. Students and parents are already going through a lot during these days of global crisis. The tuition fee involves the biggest chunk. The students reached out to us with their concerns. Students of the college are of the notion that they haven’t actually used the college infrastructure as they used to. In conclusion, if the teaching quality and methods have changed then so should the fee amount.

a hiked fee

While the colleges do have a certain set of expenses that are incurred to keep the institution running, so do the students and their families. Finding a source of monetary benefit from someone’s distress isn’t what colleges should be about.

Recently, students faced so much mentally and physically due to COVID-19 and all the confusion created because of no clarity of exams. The economy went down the hill, and some parents weren’t able to earn like they used to before. With these issues in hand, the fee hike just adds to the toll of issues.

A Sense of Accountability? | GGSIPU Fee Hike

When students were in their first year, a sum of Rs. 61,800 was paid to the college authorities by their parents. Along with that, parents also paid Rs. 40,000 to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

But the story doesn’t here end at all, at the time of registration in college, students were asked to pay a sum of Rs. 2000 for their identification card for which they haven’t received a receipt. Hence, the question of accountability rises.

GGSIPU Fee HIke: A credible move?


No Relief | GGSIPU Fee Hike

The parents asked the teacher who called that if they can pay in instalments instead of depositing the entire sum of Rs.96,800 in one go but all their hopes were let down on hearing “No, you have to pay the entire fee in one go”.

In a conversation with a fellow student, she told us how difficult the past three months have been for her and her family in terms of health and finance. With huge pay cuts and loss of loved ones, her family has faced quite a lot.

Looking For A Ray Of Hope | GGSIPU Fee Hike

GGSIPU Fees Hike
GGSIPU Fees Hike

Amidst the pandemic, all the parents and students hope that there is some relaxation. The students aren’t running away from paying their fees, but asking for a certain degree of relaxation, which does not make the entire process seems like a burden.

The fees payment isn’t the issue, as its quite obvious that some costs are to be fulfilled. However, the matter irking the students is the ambiguity around the entire matter.

As per the latest news, of when this post was published, the college authorities have decided to look into the grievances being brought forward by the students. Let’s hope the grievances are looked into diligently.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures, on both sides, colleges as well as the students.

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