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FIMT Students Complain of Discrepancy in Marks

online assessment

Students of GGSIPU have been feeling unmotivated lately due to the incorrect assigning of marks in Online Assessment (Internals) which was published by the website on 31st July 2020

According to a student Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology, who has recently complained about the discrepancy in marks which has been observed in the results. Irrespective of the fact of how well the student was doing on the previous exams, passing marks are allotted.

stress among students
stress among students due to the discrepancy in marks and covid19

With respect to the current scenario of the spread of CoronaVirus, it had an immense amount of stress on the people especially the student population when online exams were announced. In most Indian educational institutions, it is actually a miracle to find a working computer and WiFi connection with proper bandwidth. In the midst of such technological deficiency, any sort of online module is bound to fail.

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Unlike every student, there are students who struggle with having basic facilities of the internet connection, signal, and electronics yet there has been full participation from their side in the online assessment. Everything from complicated procedures for the simple administrative work, uncooperative and glitchy website servers, unpaid academic resources, and inaccessible officials — it’s like the very institutional framework is erected to make life as difficult as possible for students.

After looking at the results, the discrepancy in the results the student population has been pushed to that level that they are unmotivated, they are not enthusiastic enough for their next semester (even though it is online). This mistake is taking a toll on the students and definitely not in the right direction, even after so much effort, internet glitches, the optimistic approach towards the results is certainly gone down in the ground.

There needs to be an understanding that it is absolutely unfair to ask students to sit for exams in the middle of a pandemic. Not only does the question of access arise but also about their psychological circumstances.

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