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DU Degree Delay: Future of Students in Jeopardy

DU degree

Delhi University students are worried about their future as the “OBE” examination is not turning out alright for most of the students. Moreover, many are worried about getting their degree in time to ascertain a ‘bright’ future.

DU degree
Source: Edexlive

“The paper is very lengthy, the site stopped working, the teachers were messaging constantly to submit answer sheets and it created a lot of panics to upload the written answers within the given time period. I doubt if would be able to score well. And of course, if I don’t score well this is going to show on my mark sheet. The completion of our graduation has already been delayed because of the pandemic; now our future has been compromised further because of open-book exams (OBE).” said one of the students.

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Failures of DU amid The Pandemic

Students who have applied for Masters in prestigious colleges have been asked to submit their mark sheets. However, students are now worried as their graduation isn’t complete yet according to the University.

With Open Book Examination (OBE), comes different sets of problems, as students have been finding it the means mismanaged and time-bound.

“Our future is in jeopardy because students aren’t able to give online exams while attempting OBE! Students during the political science exam got two different question papers. This leads to a lot of confusion. University authorities later said that the second one is the actual question paper. What about those who attempted the first one, like me? Will those students now have to give another attempt at online exams or wait to give it in offline mode? This will lead to a delay in getting our final mark sheet and subsequently a delay in the degree. How will the students apply for higher education in that case,” asked Sneha Sarah Shaji, a student of DU.

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