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Despite of ” we were on a break”, Ross cheated on Rachel

Ross cheated on Rachel, and the defense of “we were on a break” does not stand true. For years, since the release of Friends, the fans have been debating whether Ross cheated or not. And after rewatching the show a lot, I know for a fact that Ross cheated on Rachel. After reading this you won’t think twice too. So here we go.

Context |Before Ross Cheated on Rachel

Their relationship was not the healthiest before their breakup. Rachel was finally on her career path, in a job she liked, but her boyfriend had a problem with Mark. Mark was Rachel’s colleague that helped Rachel get the job. Ross was very jealous of Mark because Mark was handsome and had the same interests as Rachel. He felt alienated from her life when she took up her new job and was insecure that Mark was a part of it. They had frequent fights and it all came to a point where Rachel was so frustrated that she demanded that they should go on a break. Ross was sad and stormed off her apartment.

The night when Ross cheats

Ross meets a girl in a xerox machine shop and proceeds to take her up to his apartment, mere hours after Ross and Rachel were on a break. Rachel realizes that she had made a mistake and promptly sends a voice message saying they should get back together.

The Day After

Ross realizes that Rachel wants to be with him too and realizes the horrible mistake he has made and consults Joey and Chandler. They come to the conclusion that hiding this from Rachel would be better, but Rachel ends up knowing and not from Ross. Ouch, that must have hurt a lot.

Ross cheated on Rachel
Rachel expressing her sadness when she finds out that Ross cheated on her
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Conclusion | Ross Cheated on Rachel

Here are the facts-

  1. It was Ross who was insecure and out of this insecurity, he slept with some random chick. He could not do so while in a relationship, so he found the slimmest excuse ever.
  2. Everyone knows that there is a buffer period between dating someone else when you have broken up.
  3. And the biggest of them all, if Ross loved Rachel he would not have slept with anyone only after a few hours of there break. Rachel was hurt not only because he slept with someone else, but him sleeping soon after they had one major fight in their relationship. Ross’ solution to their conflict was not trying to sort it but to seek a temporary comfort in someone else. For a person who was insecure in their relationship, he was the first one who confirmed her worst fears.
  4. The fact he thought that he should hide it from her indicates that even he knew he had crossed a line. A line he should not have crossed. If Rachel had crossed it, he would have been way more upset than her.

If you have a different opinion, let us know. But prepare to be challenged on it.

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