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In a time of uncertainty, you can at least be sure about what you’re going to watch for the next couple of weeks. Enter SUITS , the swaggering, walk-and-talk drama set in a New York law firm. With a backlog of 5 series and 70 episodes, it gives damn good minute-age. What I’m about to give you are 3 reasons that will convince you about  why it’s an ideal show for moments like now when the world  is just too messed up.

Harvey Specter: The New Age Philosopher

His Specterness is a handbook of platitudes for life in a world of cut throat competition. “Sometimes the good guy’s got to do bad things to make the bad guys pay”. He explains. “Just like me!” you can tell yourself, as you do your own bad things, like finishing off all the office biscuits.

Suits brings out the fantasy that if you “get your shit together”, “have goals instead of dreams” and “break the god damn wall down” when your back’s up against it, you can be Harvey Specter too. Though your forehead will never be as impressive.

Who’s the smartest guy in the room?

The other half of Suits‘ widely-loved duo, Michael James Ross, gives hope to university drop-outs all around the world. He manages to make it to partner status in a top law firm (and through 4.5 seasons) without being properly called to task on the major fraud he’s pedaling – he never passed the bar, nor did he go to Harvard.

Mike’s the ultimate underdog; just a normal guy trying to get by. “Just like me!” you can tell yourself, as you ignore the fact that Mike has a photographic memory, and is therefore basically superman.

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SUITS – A Tribute to Pop-Culture

Just like you, these characters communicate in endless references to their favorite TV shows. Use them to compile a must-re watch list and block out your evenings for the next few months.

Season 5 sees Mike act out a whole segment of Silence of the Lambs in some weird pre-deal foreplay with an adversary. Harvey justifies his daytime drinking with a shout-out to Mad Men and Louis (office villain-cum-fool), who “always pays his debts”, calls himself a Lannister. Which only begs two questions: when do these people watch TV? And why doesn’t Mike recognize Catlyn Stark when she turns up in court?


Is Suits Binge Worthy? Well, sure. But if you’re worrying about that, then you’re missing the point. And the point is “when someone points a gun at you, you take the gun or pull out a bigger gun or you call their bluff or you do any one of another 146 other things”. This show demands to be binged today, tomorrow or even 10 years from now. Go for it.


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