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Commverve 2021 is here.


Commercia, the Commerce society of Aurobindo College, DU is conducting an online inter-college commerce fest by the name of Commverve ’21. Aurobindo College is a substituent college of Delhi University that was established in 1984. The organizers have introduced Commercia as one of the eminent societies of the college that is also responsible for various events in the college like Freshers, Farewell, Alumni meet and the Annual Cultural Fest.

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There will be various events at the fest. The college has released a list of all the main events that will take place at Commverve.

They are as follows:

  • Ad-Humor (Promotional Event)

  • Monopoly

  • Mock Stock

  • Treasure Hunt

  • Sharktank

  • Webinar

To keep up with the events taking place at the college, those who are interested can find them on Facebook here and Instagram here and on the hashtags #commverve’21 (Event hashtag), #aurobindocollege (College hashtag) and #commercia (Society hashtag) as well.

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The society has previously partnered with sponsors such as Ministry of MSME, TVS, Mountain Dew, DU Beat, etc. However, the sponsors for this year are yet to partner up for the fest. Commercia, in its brochure for the fest has listed numerous reasons for being their partners such as brand awareness, media exposures, networking, increased reach to new clients and product sampling.

The contact information of the society members is also given in the brochure. The society can be reached at the email – mailto:[email protected] The contact number of Joint Secretary, Event coordinator and Marketing Sub-head is also provided in the brochure, as can be found below:

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