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Things B.Tech Students Are Tired of hearing 


Bachelor of Technology

B.Tech refers to Bachelor of Technology. It is an undergraduate-level course that can be opt by science stream students after the completion of Class 12 Science. The four-year undergraduate course is offered by engineering colleges across India comprising prime institutes such as IITs and NITs. This programme is organized to improve the technical skills of candidates who want to work in the core technology and development sector. B.Tech includes both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Things B.Tech Students Tired of hearing

• Bro, repair my electronic device!

How frequently are Engineering students erroneous for an Albert Einstein or an Isaac Newton? Be it a fridge, or a laptop, or just a ceiling fan, these poor hearts are required to miraculously repair them up no matter what.

Repair Devices|Credits: Google
• What is the value of engineering if it’s not done from NIT or IIT!

We newly overheard a discussion at a restaurant where a student gave the most epic answer to their relative who attempted to humiliate them. “Why couldn’t I get into an NIT? That’s for the very same justification why you couldn’t be a Bill Gates dude”, And by the way, it’s not too easy to crack IIT or NIT.

• Why you chose Btech?

Some want to manufacture a machine that can bring us to parallel universe or some want to thrive a super crop. Also, some might even enter in engineering line just because their all-mighty well-wisher told them to do so.

B. Tech|Credits: mdmsenquiry
• What are your plans after completion engineering?

The multi-millennial query that everyone wants to know. From a relative who doesn’t know your name to a neighbouring uncle who hasn’t spoken to you even once, the whole universe somehow gets curious on your plans once you enter the final year of Btech.

Credits: apnaahangout
• Engineering; a synonym for unemployment.

The supply of engineers is way more than it’s demand. If you don’t have any special ability in your field the competition for you is extremely higher for you. Apart from jobs, engineers can work as a freelancer or you can start a start-up basically there are many options available.

Unemployed engineers
Credits: gurujitips
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