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6 Things Students From VIPS Are Tired Of Hearing

VIPS' Art of Aid Initiative By Antrakshar

Just like GGSIPU has a reputation of itself in the minds of people outside IPU, every college of the university has also made an image of itself within the university. Whenever you will introduce yourself from one of it colleges, your reputation will always precede you, irrespective of if what they say is true or not. When it comes to VIPS, which is one of the most reputed colleges of the University, it is also not free from prenotions set by others.

Here are some of the things that VIPS students are tired of hearing:

  •  No more ground.

No matter how much you like to talk about the ground which is now being replaced with a new building, someone else saying it always stings like salt in the wound. Everyone’s favourite place to hangout and chill especially in the winter sun and the evergreen place to take beautiful pictures has been taken away from them and no matter how much you try, it is very hard to get over it.

(Credit: Collegedunia)
  • “You guys hangout at Murthal?”

YES WE DO. It is one of the closest and most popular hangout place among the students but that does not mean that’s the only place everyone visits daily. If you’re from VIPS, you can remember the countless times you had to count all the other places your gang goes to hang out.

(Credit: Trip Advisor)
  • “VIPS students are brats”.

It is a preconceived notion among the students of other colleges that students from VIPS are rich and spoiled. However, once you start going there, you realize that is so not the case and most of the people are actually very friendly and nice.

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  • The Infamous Fights!

The college is quite infamous for the fights that happens outside the college. While it serves for the perfect entertainment for most onlookers, it is always a valid excuse to say that you got stuck in the crowds gathered to see the fight for when you are late to the class (Freshers! take notes.)

  • “I haven’t been to Kishan momos”

The one thing that all VIPSian are missing right now is the amazing momos at Kishan’s. Everyday walk from the college to the food stall is spent on deciding which momos should you eat today, so can you imagine someone who haven’t ever tasted the deliciousness served there?

  • That ‘Kaanch-wali building’

The building, no doubt, is a beautiful sight to look at. Way before reaching the entrance gate, the gorgeous building of the college starts shining from afar. However, to refer it as ‘Kaanch-wali building’ is something we do not wanna hear someone say.

(Credit: mydelhitales on Blogspot)

Feeling nostalgic about your college? Share with your fellow VIPSians and go down the memory lane together full of funny and amazing anecdotes!

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