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Students Raise Concerns on Offline Practicals


Just when the world thought that the new year is going to be different than 2020 because of the availability of vaccines, it has brought some newly mutated strains of the COVID-19 virus into our lives. The question of how our day-to-day lives will be shaped this year still remains the No. 1 mystery. Since the horrors of crowds and physical contact are still very much alive in our minds, normalcy is not a very viable option for all of us anytime soon.

So, naturally, when GGSIPU in its notices dated 5th and 6th January, 2021 released the datesheets of practical exams for various courses of B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA etc., the students were concerned regarding the mode of the practicals. However, at the end of these notices, the university made sure to answer the question in every student’s mind by putting up a note saying- “Practical Examination will be held through ONLINE MODE only”.


The University released datesheets for practical exams of various courses on 5th & 6th January,2021 specifying that the practical exams will be held in “ONLINE MODE” only. (Source: ipu.ac.in)

In these unprecedented times, this one line was more than enough to put everyone at ease since offline practicals would result in putting all the students and their families at unnecessary risks. It is especially difficult for those who are not in Delhi right now to travel safely from so far away.

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While colleges such as IITM and MAIMS have adhered to the University guidelines and conducted practical exams in online mode for the courses BBA and B.Com., some colleges such as MSI-T have reportedly gone against the directives given by GGSIPU and have asked the students to be physically present at the time of practicals.

This decision taken by the college has met with criticism by the students. Every few months, whenever a new examination schedule is released, the students have to fight the same war over and over again – first with the University, then with their college. The risks of COVID have not diminished in any way, if not increased due to the new strains that are found. While this fact was finally considered by the GGSIPU this time, the colleges have made it tough for students to stay safe in their houses.

It is needless for us to count the various problems regarding the offline practicals here, since the issue of offline examinations has been in lots of debate for almost a year now.

Hopefully, the administration of these colleges would understand the very valid concerns of the students and follow the guidelines of the University for the safety of everyone.

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