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Art For Aid: Students From VIPS Join Hands Against COVID-19

art for aid

We all truly believe that art is the purest form of joy. It’s art, disguised as entertainment, literature, music and whatnot, that has kept all of us going through a freakin pandemic. Through this ‘Art for Aid’ fundraising event, Antakshar, the central music society of VIPS aims at helping the children along with entertaining the members.

No is unknown to the horrors of the second wave of COVID 19 in India. It has left no stone of tragedy and loss in its wake. While many of us have been touched by the disease, the situation is much worse for those who lost their loved ones or for those who could not get the resources in time.

The loss of any family member is difficult, but it is especially tough for those children who have lost their parents. In the midst of this wave which has hit us like a tsunami, their families and homes were snatched away, leaving them feeling lost and clueless. In already testing times, the loss of a parent not only causes acute mental health issues and depression for the child but has them concerned about their future and upbringing.

VIPS' Art of Aid Initiative By Antrakshar
VIPS’ Art of Aid Initiative By Antrakshar

Concerned about this and willing to step up for such children, Antrakshar, The Central Music Society of VIPS have joined hands with C.R.Y Foundation. They have come together for their very own fundraiser called “Art for Aid”.

About Antrakshar

Antrakshar has always encouraged talent in music and promotes young singers and musicians. Their social media page is filled with singers showcasing their talent in melodious voices. Even during the last lockdown, society understood its responsibility to help and come forward during these difficult times. Their members were a part of a fundraising concert, entertaining and encouraging people to donate!

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About C.R.Y

The C.R.Y foundation has been working tirelessly to preserve child rights, provide them nutritious meals and protect their right to education by funding their education at the school level.

Through these years, the foundation has impacted the lives of over 3 million children in a positive way. In this pandemic, they have continued their efforts to abet the children and families who have been hit the worst by the virus and provided them comfort.

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Art for Aid

‘Art for Aid” is an open mic fundraiser which will include performances from the members of the society along with many artists from across the country. Through this, they aim at putting a smile on the faces of the little ones!

The event will take place on the 23rd May 2021, from 5 pm onwards. The minimum donation for this is Rs 50/-. The event will be live on Zoom.

Artists can send their entries as this link open for entries! Entries can be in any form of art, whether it’s music, dance or poetry!

Registration link- https://linktr.ee/Antrakshar

Hope you all participate in this fundraiser and do your bit in making these trying times a little easy for the children. Stay safe, stay indoors!

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