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Why Are Students Terrified Of Offline Exams?

Why Are Students Terrified Of Offline Exams?

Students are scared of covid, Most of them think social distancing is not possible with so many students in the same place and it is quite not possible. Conducting an offline exam means endangering thousands of students to this virus.

We all might have learned a little about how to live a life with having coronavirus around but we are still in the process and not anywhere near being a pro in it.

University should think about students safety and health at first, it’s true most of the people now are not getting affected to covid as badly as before, but still, there are some cases where worse symptoms are occurring and its hard to cope. we don’t know which student’s health is fine whose is weak, How can we make such a huge risk?

We don’t know how long covid19 will stay and obviously we can’t stop our lives for it, Life must go on. But we can’t also afford to avoid our safety. We can’t waste a year sitting at home avoiding our education, but there is another way. Online classes were conducted all the year, likewise online exams can also be conducted. There is always a better solution to every problem and conducting offline exams will be the worst solution right now.

All the classes, internals, assignments were handled online this semester if these things can be handled online. if teachers can give online lectures daily, then why not online exams also?

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Creating a crowd in college, letting in thousands of students in the same place. How is that safe in any sense?

Many students won’t attend offline exams, not because they are concerned about their health, but if they have some elderly aged person living in their house, or they are not a resident of Delhi, they live out of the station. how will they manage to come?  and there could be a lot of many reasons. No one would want to take such a huge risk.

Exam Alerts

Few of the students will forcefully do so, but no one with their want would give offline exams in this situation

University should really listen to student’s plea and consider online exams as an option. It would be a very relaxing decision for all the students panicking right now,

Rest it is their decision, We All Hope They Upload it soon.

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