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Students Panicking : No Notification From University Regarding Exams

Students Panicking: No Notification From University Regarding Method Of Conduction Of Semester Exams

It’s almost December mid. and most of the years we have our exams started by now but this year, we know nothing about how it’s happening, when it’s happening, literally Nothing.

University is not giving us any information regarding exams, whether it’s offline or online. They haven’t even uploaded the date sheet. most of us are really panicking. The university should inform us beforehand about all the details concerning the examination so that at least we have some time for preparation.

If the university announces the date sheet and all the information concerning examination all of a sudden and gives us no time to prepare that would a great stressor to students. and that shouldn’t happen.

Its high time university should give us all the information regarding the method of conduction semester exams. least of it upload the date sheet and tell us they are happening offline or online. which we really hope is online because it’s safer and a better method in a situation we have right now.

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All the other universities are managing online exams, it is tough but it’s not impossible and definitely less impossible than managing the social distancing of thousands of students. No one has the faculty to do that but we don’t have a say on that, Do we?

We all know what method university is preferring and none of us has a say on that but at least they should inform us beforehand and let us prepare it as much as we can.

We hope that they soon announce all the terms of exams. till then start preparing. Give your best and don’t panic. It’s a hard time but not impossible to cross over. All the best to all of you and I hope you give your best, good luck 🙂

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