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Sole Evidence Of Sexual Offence Victim Is Enough

The sole and trustworthy evidence of a woman, who is a victim of a sexual offence, is enough to find her assailant guilty, the Supreme Court has held.

A women , who is a victim of sexual assault should not be treated as an accomplice to the crime but is a victim of another person’s lust and, therefore, her evidence need not be tested with the same amount of suspicion as that of an accomplice, actually it should not be tested at all.

The courtroom was confirming the punishment awarded to a person discovered responsible beneath the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old baby in Tamil Nadu. The Madras High Court had upheld the trial verdict of guilt. The verdict was based mostly on the proof of the sufferer although her mom turned hostile towards her.

Justice M.R. Shah drew consideration to the lengthy practice of judicial precedents from the apex courtroom which have all held that “evidence of the victim of sexual assault is enough for conviction” in a sexual offence case until there are critical contradictions. Cases of violence in opposition to girls ought to be handled with “utmost sensitivity”. Minor contradictions in her testimony mustn’t derail an in any other case water-tight case.

The rapist degrades the very soul of the helpless feminine, Justice Shah quoted from a previous verdict.

To hold an accused guilty for commission of an offence of rape, the solitary evidence of the prosecutor  is sufficient, provided the same inspires confidence and appears to be absolutely trustworthy, unblemished and should be of sterling quality,” the judgment said .

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From a long time , Females are supposedly told to not file a complaint , or tell anyone a thing if any thing unfortunate happens to her. Most of the families aren’t supportive to take these matters to the court or to speak of it at all. Some girls are even scared to speak up as the thing could go oppositely against her , the society could start blaming .

She was wearing short clothes or wandering at night or doing actually anything , for them it means asking for it. For them they need a reason to blame females. These thoughts could get stuck on someone’s head allowing the victim to suffer more and not say a word.

But no , One should not hide. One should definitely stand up. Even if your family is not with , even if you are alone. You deserve justice. And with this new statement by supreme court , you should not be scared at all. You are the victim here but that doesn’t mean you have to stay the victim . Fight back . Speak up. Punish the people who deserves it.

If a 13 year old could fight and get her justice, So can you. You should not be scared , the justice will be in your favor. The country is changing , slowly but it is changing. Don’t let anyone decide your fate , make a decision for your own self. Choose to be the Strong One. STAND UP for yourself.

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