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Sexualization of Queer Women

women in love
women in love
women in love

LGBTQ+ youth have not always had the freedom to express their romantic and personal interests, These themes of fetishization and sexualization of same-sex relationships stretch into everyday society, and remain a common theme even today. The sexualization of women on the basis of being queer. Many People assume it’s who they choose to be and can change at any time. They force them, sexualize them and try many such things just to change them But the truth is it’s just who they are. Not who they choose to be. Looking down at them, discriminating against them won’t get us anywhere. It is normal. It’s high time we act it is now.

Lesbians and bi women often face a sea of questions about their sexuality, relationships, and personal life. Their status is constantly sexualized due to how society sees them. Historically, the lesbian character has often been created to be consumed by a straight audience and sometimes, to please the LGBTQI community with a not to queer representation. Representation is great, but accurate representation is even better. You see, many lesbian characters shown in media are femme.

Society has normalized the view that romantic female relationships are a synonym for the hypersexual fetishization of lesbians. The way we portray Sapphism as inherently erotic has socialized a whole culture of men to view homosexual women as entirely for their own sexual gratification. The media has been a major culprit of socializing these attitudes into society by regurgitating a narrative of lesbianism that is unrealistic and unrepresentative. The normative idea of queer women is one that is constructed to be attractive to men. They are good to go as long as they attract men. As they long as they please men.

Women couples are often embarrassed about how they live without men or how they protect themselves and asked questions you can’t even imagine. They are seen as an embarrassment, treated differently.

Some of their families don’t accept them or even disown them. They are treated as disrespectful or disgrace to their family. As if they did something to them. As if they had a choice. Some people even go into denial. They think the other person is just imagining things. And starts forcing stuff on them.

I have read articles about people trying treatments to make lesbians straight. the way they are sexualized in society. It’s a shame our society can’t understand such a simple concept, can’t accept a simple truth.


You don’t wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and think – I’m having breakfast as a lesbian. Why can’t lesbians just be people?

Lesbians are usually told to hide their sexuality. Almost every field. Journalist thinks that the problem lies within the fact that men, largely still dominate the industry, fear losing precedence. “Men are deeply concerned that if you subvert the patriarchal norm, things will start to fall apart, including the masculine identity,”

If we want to make a change, it’s time to take a step. And the first step is the media. The media should make more casual references to sexuality, such as female television presenters flirting with other women on screen, as so often happens between talk-show hosts and their opposite-sex interviewees, and called for newspapers and magazines to include columns about everyday gay experiences, such as married lesbian life. The second step, change your thinking, have a broad mind step. Start accepting people as who they are. Stop judging. stop sexualization. And spread your thinking as much as you can.

We sure are a lot forward than history, but there is still a long journey ahead.

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