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Podcasts To Kickstart 2021


2020 was a not-so-good year for a lot of good reasons but one thing that shone right through this year was when the entire world went under the lockdown, and health workers took to the frontline and there was this uncomfortable eerie silence, the content creators kept us afloat. From Ali Sethi’s live (Pardon my biases) to our various favourite content creators getting up close personal. To every boomer and every millennial out there science over commerce and arts, when science took the fight at the frontline keeping the fight of survival, commerce and arts at the back end were making sure the existing civilization floats. (Wasnt supposed to be a rant).

So as we glide through this year, apart from all the cinema, the music and the DIYs and the Dalgona coffee one thing which came to the surface were Podcasts. Podcasts in a very layman language are where a person or more than one person come together and they talk. Now this talk can be about anything but the cache is that there is no video. Now, this sounds a lot like radio but wherein we cannot record radio, podcasts are mostly pre-recorded and often hold a better archival value. 

Now of all the podcasts existing, here’s a bunch of podcasts that we want you to hear and you might as well discover more of its kind.

  • Daily Dose by News Laundry (News)

If you are not big on newspaper or scrolling on news, Daily Dose takes care you get the news.

Photo credits: Newslaundary


  • Advertising is Dead by Varun Duggriwala

‘We create content’, almost every 2nd person says this, but is it just content creating or is it creating, presenting, marketing and selling off from that content, quite a madness isn’t it? A podcast by Varun Duggriwala co-founder and Content chief at The Glitch, this podcast talks about Content, advertising, branding and everything that unrolls inside the ‘Content Industry’.

Photo Credits: IVM

Photo Credits: IVM


  • Our Last Week by Anuvab and Kunal 

A random nonsensical podcast. Listen away with your daily chores or play it in the background while you got nothing better to do, Our Last Week by Anuvab Pal and Kunal Roy Kapoor is everything random. 

Photo Credits: Spotify
Photo Credits: Spotify
  • BBC Earth Podcast by BBC Earth

A podcast about Earth. A podcast where BBC brings forth stories and tales about earth from the various nooks and corners of the Earth. Close your eyes, and glide across landscapes, with animals while you sit in your room and stretch and switch. 

Photo Credits: BBC Earth
  • Sukhan by Vrinda Vaid 

This might not be on the top of the list but here’s what it is, it might be scary to explore but its never for the worst. Language and its streams are something worth exploration, at least once in a life. Sukhan by Vrinda Vaid brings you one step closer to knowing Hindustani and its various intricacies. A podcast which literally flows.


Photo Credits: vrindavaid.com

  • Talks at Google by Google 

Talks at Google by Google where Google brings people the world’s most influential, creative people which can eventually be found on Google but here they are to talk. Listen to them, learn from them might as well get inspire and apply a thing or 2 to yourself.


Photo credits: blog.google

  • Quanta Science Podcast by Quanta Science 

Quanta Science Podcast by Quanta Science is everything about science from the people of science. News about development in the science of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and so on.


Photo Credits: quantmagazine.org

That’s it for our suggestions!

How about instead of your favourite music playlist, pick a podcast and listen along. Might not be the most mystical podcast, might turn out to be an info(wait)ve fun workout.

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