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How to apply for scholarships in GGSIPU?

GGSIPU is not an affordable university for many students in India. But if one wants to pursue their course in IPU, and does not have the financial means to, they can apply for scholarships in GGSIPU. The procedure and forms that need to be filled are available online, so there is no need to stand in long lines to avail scholarships.

The website where you can fill your form for either renewal of scholarship or freshly applying for the scholarship is National Scholarship Portal.

National Scholarship Portal
National Scholarship Portal to avail scholarships in GGSIPU

Procedure | Scholarships in GGSIPU

  1. Open the National Scholarship Portal.
  2. For IPU you can check the central schemes, offered by various Ministries and Departments under the Government of India and UGC/AICTE schemes.
  3. Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme/Top Class Scholarship scheme, and Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Schemes is applicable for University Students.
  4. The scholarships are available for religious minorities, caste minorities, girl child, specially-abled students, and economically weak students.
  5. Go through the various Departments and Ministries offering the scholarship on the homepage of the portal.
  6. If a scholarship is applicable to you, read the guidelines, and see if you are eligible for it. Eligibility differs from one scholarship to another.
  7. Register on the portal here.
  8. The guidelines, the documents required, and the size of the required documents are clearly stated on the new registration page. It is advised that you keep the documents handy when applying for the particular scholarship.
  9. Complete your registration and save the soft copy of your form.
  10. GGSIPU on its official website has not released the notice for availing scholarship for the academic year of 2020-21. Here is a link to the 2019-20 notice, as an example of what may be required in terms of documents, so that you are prepared.
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We hope your assistance for the scholarship goes smoothly. At any university, diversity is important to bring different ideas, perspectives, stories, and people together. It is unfair that only a certain section of society enjoys premium education. Scholarships try to bridge this gap and allow the same footing for all sections to access education.

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