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Things Bcom Student Are Tired Of Hearing


Bachelor of Commerce

Bcom, which is popularly known as Bachelor of Commerce, is an undergraduate programme that is of three years. B.Com is among the vastly famous bachelor’s level course and therefore offered in a huge number of institutes and universities. B.Com is the most selected choice of a majority of the students who complete their higher secondary education in the commerce stream. The course of Bachelor of Commerce is given in the regular mode and through the mode of distance learning as well.

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Apart from mandatory subjects bcom students can choose their mixture of subjects from those given by the institute. Some institutes allow students to select their elective subjects in the second or third year of B.Com if they have achieved a good score in their semester exams.

These things every BCom student once heard in life

  • Most Important rule; Debit-what comes in, credit-what goes out

Initially every b.com student is taught three fundamental rules of accountancy and this is one of them. You will definitely see a bachelor of Commerce student mugging up this verse, at least for two years in their study period.

Fundamental rule
Rules of Accounting|Credits: bcomassistant
  • The continuous effort of matching ledgers and balance sheet

Once you are in this programme, the whole two years will be consumed in matching the balance sheet and ledger accounts. And trust me, matching both the sides is not a cup of tea.

Balance sheet
Balance sheet|Credits: ecommercefuel
  • What you want to become, a CA or CS?

The only question asked from B.com students are whether they want to become, a CA or a CS. It’s as if a Commerce student can never choose for any other line of a career in life.

Ca cs
CS CA|Credits: taxscan
  • TS Grewal is your loyal friend

This book is the most faithful companion for b.com student for every accountancy related subject; TS Grewal is the book to refer, Ts Grewal is a loyal friend to every BCom student but sometimes even this book ditches you with wrong answers.

TS Grewal
TS Grewal|Credits: sultanchand
  • Calculator and scale are your best partners

Calculator and a ruler are every BCom student’s best partners; calculator to calculate numbers and ruler to draw Performa’s a BCom student will never feel complete without these two item.

Scale and Calculator|Credits: Google
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