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With jillion of courses and colleges to browse, choosing what and where to study can be an overwhelming errand. It’s much trickier when you are hoping to concentrate abroad. Jamboree, a main organization for test readiness and confirmations, will have a live online class arrangement ‘Guide to Your Dream Masters Program’.

Online classes on themes and circumstances for concentrate abroad are planned to offer competitors a container for pondering intersection societies so understudies can interface all the more exactly with their hosts. The five days intelligent ‘Guide to your Dream Masters Program’ free online class arrangement by Jamboree will be directed from second November to sixth November. The online course arrangement is planned to acquaint applicants with the one-venture answer for all the examination abroad inquiries.

Any individual who is anticipating seeking after their higher investigations abroad in the coming 5 years or the individuals who are excited or inquisitive to know the technique for applying to Universities in Europe, UK, Canada, Aus/NZ, and different nations.

Top Master’s Programs and How to Finance them

Education abroad will take your career to the next level, but there is also a substantial cost involved. How do you make sure that you will not have to worry where the tens of thousands of dollars are going to come from? What are your scholarship and internship options?
Learn all this and more in our webinar

GRE Quant Essentials:
Scoring 170/170
The idea of GRE Quant does not have to be scary. You don’t need to by-heart a thousand formulas to attempt a successful GRE Quantitative Exam. On the contrary, it tests you on your analytical and logical reasoning skills. Familiarity with the test pattern and approach to the various kinds of questions will already go a long way towards a high score on the GRE Quant. Learn how to approach your GRE Quant in this webinar.

GRE Verbal Fundamentals:
Scoring 160+
GRE Verbal has been designed to assess your comprehension, vocabulary, and contextual awareness. You do not need to learn every word in the dictionary or even be a native English speaker to ace this section. There are set patterns that you can familiarize yourself with, Learn about the format and approach to GRE Verbal in this webinar.

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Talk Show with our Achievers and COO
Join in for an interactive chit-chat as our COO, Ms. Aryama Dutta Saikia hosts our alumni to discuss how they obtained admits from some of the most distinguished universities in the world. These young achievers have charted very successful paths for themselves. Let’s learn from their journeys.

Profile Evaluation & Resume Shortlisting (How to build your profile)
On average, each of the top 50 universities worldwide has 10-12% international students in their class year on year. How do you create an application that enables you to be part of this elite set? Learn how to create an academic and extracurricular profile that enables you to get admission offers from these top universities. Get your profile evaluated and resume shortlisted and learn how to write application essays that convey your story to the admissions committees at these top Master’s universities.

Save the dates: 2nd Nov to 6th Nov, 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, Daily

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